View Full Version : I made something and I'd like to get you guys to try it out

02-16-16, 09:14 PM

So this is the first time posting on this forum, I just wanted to say hi! :D

I'm 22 yo and I got diagnosed when i was 20 :O

Me and my friend (both adders) are studying Computer Science at uni and we decided to make a goal management system for Adders!

I myself use it to track habits & tasks etc.

We just launched the site a few days ago but we need some more people to try it out (besides us).

The link is

I just hope that it can help someone and I would be very happy if you would tell me what you think and what you would like to have! :)

oh and its free!

04-01-16, 03:17 PM
welcome and i hope you are still around this forum.
I think that it's great that you are trying to help out your ADHDERS and i am glad the site is still up. I never have luck with these lol but i know that it works for a lot of people.
so thank you
and i hope people find this tool useful and that it makes there life better.
all the best friend :)

04-01-16, 05:35 PM
It looks really good.