View Full Version : Human Rights Tribunal Decision - British Columbia, Canada

02-18-16, 12:10 PM
I know we're all from a wide variety of locales on this great big, blue planet of ours and while this took place in Canada, it's a good read.

I was at an employment law conference yesterday where one of the cases that was profiled was about a medical resident who was diagnosed with ADHD and a non-verbal learning disorder. The University overseeing his residency terminated his participation in the program due to their assertion that he was not meeting program standards. The aspiring physician lodged a human rights complaint asserting that the University did not accommodate his disabilities.

The Human Rights Tribunal agreed and he was awarded damages for both lost wages and injury to dignity, feelings and self-respect. It was the highest award in tribunal history in the province.

Worth a read and really shows how awareness of ADHD is gaining traction in the workplace as something that employers need to be aware of and accommodate. I feel fortunate to live where we have legislation to protect the rights of workers and my fellow ADHD'ers. Cheers!

02-18-16, 09:03 PM
Thanks for sharing! It's nice knowing that there is a country somewhere that is supportive.