View Full Version : Mouth pain, not mouth sores.

02-19-16, 10:02 PM
I started on Daytrana last week after 2 years on Adderall, (before that, was six years of regular Ritalin). I left Adderall because I wanted to get away from the pain it causes my soft palate and tongue. I am on the patch and cut it in half (7.5 mg). I am still having pain in my soft palate and tongue. NO SORES, injury, thrush, virus, etc.: clean normal mouth. I patch-up about 6am and by 4pm, there is pain behind my wisdom-teeth, on my soft palate and it grows down the sides of my tongue. By 5, I pull my patch off and swear I won't wear it again. But, tomorrow, it starts all over again. The pain with Dex, Adderall, Salts, etc is the same. Straterra is not a possibility. Do you know anyone else who has the problem with pain in the mouth? It's not dryness, clinching or injury. When I get off stimulants, it clears up after about a week to be completely gone. HELP!I will lose my job if I were to go unmediated for any length of time.