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02-22-16, 12:30 AM
My dad has always had trouble reading. As far as I know he has never been diagnosed with anything. When he was in high school (~45 years ago) he would stay after and get help from teachers to learn to read better.

To this day, when he reads a newspaper for instance, he'll know some smaller words, but he makes up parts of the sentence and it seems he'll try and recall words he knows that look like the words on the page. For example "The company Sasone went out of business" he'll read it as "The company Samsung out of business"

His whole life he thinks he isn't *smart* but, he's a mechanic for large company and solves complex problems everyday. My sister and I are doing very well for ourselves.

I was thinking maybe he has something like Irlen syndrome or something else that has come out of the last 45 years of research.

Anyone have any thoughts? Or things I could try with him?

What kind of doctor should I take him to see?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!!!

02-22-16, 02:54 AM
The fact he was in high school 45 years ago and working for a large company would suggest that he's getting close to retirement age. Does he want to go to a doctor? Does he want you to try things? Or is this purely your project?

02-22-16, 03:44 AM
It might make your Dad feel inadequate if you bring up an old reading problem he had(even if he still has it), he is successful so why bring him down?

I say if he has done this well - don't try to fix it.

02-22-16, 04:13 AM
But if it's always bothered him, maybe he would just like to know "why".
I think of my dad, goodness if he had just even read something, about ADHD I think he would have been immensely relieved. He was a brilliantly successful salesman, but so terribly unorganized and anxioius.