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02-22-16, 03:47 PM
My name is MeganA, I am student at Ashton Sixth Form College, currently in my second year studying a level 3 diploma in Children’s Play Learning and Development. I am currently carrying out a research task on support provided for children with ADHD. I would greatly appreciate it if you would take the time to answer my questionnaire as it would greatly contribute to my research and assignment.
1. Do you feel there is sufficient support available within your child’s school for ADHD?

2. Why? Please explain your answer

3. Does your child receive one to one attention within the school?

4. Do you think this support is beneficial?

5. How? Please explain

6. Does your child receive breaks during the day if they are struggling or getting agitated? Do you feel as though this benefits them?

7. Do you feel as though you are involved in your child’s school life, does the teacher communicate effectively? If yes- how? If no please state below.

8. Do you have frequent meetings with your child’s teacher and SENCO workers to discuss their progress?

9. Are you given sufficient advice on how to support your child’s education at home?

10. If yes, please state how and what, and how it has made a difference to your child?

11. If no, please state what and how this has affected you and your child.

12. Do you think there is any way that your child’s school can improve the support they provide for children with ADHD?

13. How, please explain.