View Full Version : Adderall vs Dexedrine effect on Genitals ( warning gross)

02-24-16, 08:30 PM
On Adderall, my Penis shrunk to the smallest it can get, and my penis (like the rest of my skin/ body) got super dry.

On dexedrine, while it still shrinks a bit, the health of my skin on my penis and the rest of my body is moisturized and healthy/ normal.

Additionally, on adderall it caused me to frequently look at Porn and masturbate because it really increased my sex drive.

On Dexedrine, if anything I have a lower sex drive.

Overall, I think I won't do adderall at all anymore just for the sake of the health of my main man lol.
(frequent masturbation+dried out skin on penis= avoid adderall to keep penis healthy )

Looks like l-amphetamine truly makes a difference in effects.

this study is pretty interesting:

02-24-16, 09:46 PM
Yet, said study indicated the differences between dextro- and levo- were nonsignificant.


I’ve never had a prescription for Adderall, so I can’t comment on it.

Dexedrine causes some degree of vascular constriction for me, so the degree of flaccidity of my penis is somewhat increased, but not a lot.

I’ve never had any changes in the nature of my skin when on Dexedrine.

Dexedrine’s effect on my libido is inconsistent, and to the degree that it is changed, the degree is small.

I didn’t find any part of your post to be gross.


02-25-16, 09:56 PM

Do you take amphetamines for porn fun or for ADHD?

Just joking. Your penis is a good indicator and can tell you if you are well dosed or overdosed or if you are relaxed or stressed.

To be serious it sounds like adderall lets you miss something you try getting from masturbation and dexedrine works better for you.

Sex and masturbation give you dopamine. I think you have too much norepinephrine on adderall. Anyone please correct me if i am wrong.

Do you have a better effect on girls (not girls on you) on adderal or dexedrine?

02-25-16, 10:28 PM
I feel like on dexedrine I am more "neutral" and try to maintain a pleasant demeanor, and am much less aggresive and comfrontational.

While on Adderall I don't have any sort of "tip of the tongue" symptoms and always have something to say.

03-17-16, 07:31 PM
Yeah, I have no issues with that. I was on dexedrine on and off for years and that calmed my mental behavior. I have always been great