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02-24-16, 09:55 PM
Hey I'm relatively new to all this ADHD stuff, 3 weeks on ritalin first time ever. I was assigned 10 mgs three times a day, at first it was working really well, then euphoria wore off (thank god) and it was still working at 2 weeks, then about 3 days ago something weird happened. My first dose would work but consequent doses after had no affect on me what so ever. It's all a bit depressing cause I felt so normal and capable, now I feel like it was just fantasy. Has anyone else had this happen? if so how did you deal with it.

02-25-16, 01:43 AM
Take notes on exactly what has been happening, how it worked for two and a half weeks and then seemed to stop or at least change. Emphasize in your notes not how it makes you feel, but instead concentrate on how you are acting, because the medication is there to make you act differently and not feel differently.

02-25-16, 05:27 AM
What is it about your subsequent doses that isnt working? Can you share some examples of what you are like when it does work and what happens when it doesnt work?

02-25-16, 08:51 AM
Your only as good as your first dose.

02-25-16, 12:34 PM
Yes I can give some examples, Yesterday for example, after being fairly diligent about organization and following through on lists I made..I left the speech therapists and left my hand bag, I realized once I got to car went back and got it. Once I got home I realized my diary was not in my handbag. It has money, schedule, my life. So I was like?? I didn't take it out at speech therapist..drove to gas station I went to in morning, nope. Drove to my children's school, nope, drove to speech therapist anyways just to make sure, nope. Then after an hour and a half of driving around I suddenly remembered I had it in my hand when I did my son's seatbelt, sure enough it was in my stupid car the whole time, on the ledge behind the back seat. That happened afternoon when subsequent dose should have been working. I had planned to go to gym and study, did neither. Instead decided to move furniture. Which really isn't a priority but I just couldn't stop my self. I had every reason in the world why it was more important!
That was just yesterday, two days before I bought a drive through coffee to take with my meds. Got home, took out meds, couldn't find coffee...not in car not anywhere, oh well, I thought, still have to take meds. Oh guess what, somewhere while looking for stupid coffee I lost my meds. 20 minutes later found meds. Didn't find coffee till right before leaving (I placed it inside a ceraminc mug so hid paper cup that i was looking for.) Finally found coffee, took meds...waiting for meds to hit, that's ok I'll be fine...oh but where did I put my car keys?? Omg. How is it possible to loose three important things in a one hour period.