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02-26-16, 12:02 PM
This has been miraculously beneficial to me as I've continued to practice it. Life changing is an understatement, for real.

02-26-16, 01:04 PM
I'm curious about what this practice has done for you.

02-26-16, 01:23 PM
I can't watch the video from work
every time I read something like "conscious breathing" it makes me feel like I'm suffocating.
Uns could you post something like an outline, in really easy steps?


02-26-16, 01:55 PM
Sure, ginnie. :) (It's great to have you back in the house, by the way!!)

And yep, stef....will get to that for ya'.

Conscious breathing helps me to feel more grounded centered, relaxed, clears the fog, eases the rage, and gets me out of some of the damndest thought loops.

Prior to learning about it, I had no clue how shallow my breathing was and how tense my body was staying all day, every day. No wonder everything hurt so badly.

I'm better able to navigate my strong emotional responses to triggers throughout the days, which is gold, because some used to send me into hiding for days.

I feel by becoming more aware of my breath, which creates conditions where I have to make myself stop and be aware, or at least be aware of my flow if it's a day I can't stop and stay well, has helped increase my bodily, internal, and external awareness across the board.

I used to think people were nuts when they said breathing would help me. I told them that was the one damn thing I still had under control since I was still alive. lol But learning diaphragmatic and rhythmic breathing opened the door to a whole new healing tool that I have instant access to all day, every day.

02-26-16, 02:27 PM
Here's what the vid suggests, stef:

Step One

Concentrating on your breath

-Close your eyes and be conscious of your breathing.

-Breathe slowly and rhythmically, no need to rush.

-Breathe in and breathe out a full, long, calm, and slow breath.

-Thinking as you're breathing in that you are breathing in vital energy.

-Thinking as you're breathing that you're breathing out all the stress and worry.

Step Two

Detaching from your thoughts

-Breathe same as you did before, but in your mind count numbers with each inhale and exhale

-I started counting to 4 when I first began and increased with practice. Would inhale (gently through nostrils, counting as I do it, then exhale gently through mouth, counting as I do it)

-If you find your mind wandering to other thoughts, don't attach to them, come back to counting as you breathe.

-Don't allow yourself to feel defeated because the thoughts won't stop coming - they aren't supposed to stop - we are just supposed to stop attaching to them

Step Three

Connecting to your true self

-Try to concentrate above the center of your eyebrows, the third eye, and slowly breathe in and out, at least three times.

-Once again, don't attach to thoughts that arrive. Notice the "silent listener" who is listening to these thoughts and try not to connect the silent self to the thought process.

-After some practice, you'll notice the thoughts do not gain importance, your mind will become calm, and you'll feel a deeper connection to self.

-It's not always instant takes patience and practice....which still amazes me that I ever discovered it :)

Hope that's helpful.

02-26-16, 03:20 PM
Thank you so much

02-29-16, 03:35 AM
Conscious breathing is a great way to meditate even when you are not meditating. You can use it no matter what you are doing. If you practice enough, it becomes a habit and it will take you to a baseline state that is much more calm and relaxed.

Remember to breath through the diaphragm though, not the chest.