View Full Version : The Daily Derp

02-28-16, 12:30 AM
While I do have a lovely kitty named Derp, this is not about him.

It's pretty self explanatory. Those maddening little things we do all the time that just seem so silly.

My daily derp today was not paying attention as I was cleaning my kitchen and smacking my nose while closing a cupboard. (a good reason to never close a cupboard door) ;)

02-28-16, 12:44 AM
My derp for today was ducking back into the car quickly to grab something I forgot. I forgot, I was wearing sunglasses and caught them on the door frame and ripped them off my face.

What made it even better is that there were plenty of people around to watch me do it.:cool:

02-28-16, 02:39 AM
I got a small sample of cologne in a tiny glass spray bottle in the mail today...and though it smelt really REALLY good (smells just like rain up in the mountains! lol It's really cool!) when I spritzed my wrist with 1 little spray...
It didn't smell so good when I then later accidentally popped the lid off (don't ask!) and spilled it all over my right fingers!
My poor (sick) sinuses have been paying for it all day! /sigh...#Derp.