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02-28-16, 02:01 PM
This is my first post/thread.
First off I want to say I'm very strong minded in everything and what meds I'm prescribed to take is no exception. As much as I'd like to fully trust my psych doc, they're not taking the meds. Also the complexity of the symptoms I go through can't all be explained, let alone remembered, in a 1 hour session.
I also deeply research as many credible sources for the mechanics by which these meds work and interact in the brain/body. Which with limited sources may be making me crazier.
Meds currently taking are: adderall ir(15mg 3xday), gabapentin(600mg 3xday), zonegran(200mg 1xday), melatonin (12mg sleep).
Diagnosed with: Social Anxiety Disorder, ADD, and my brain had been through a long 10 year period of severely damaging illicit drug use that ended 2 years ago.

OK so.... After years of trial and error, the last ineffectives I stopped taking are trazodone(fatigue/weight gain), Zoloft(sweating/chills which all SSRIs seem to do and didn't help with anxiety), and bupropion(daytime sleepiness/exacerbated anxiety). So my psych doc gave me samples of Brintellix and Fanapt. I've looked up what I could on their modes of action and forum posts and reviews by people who've taken one or both.
I know I won't know until I take them but I don't want to risk getting any symptoms like the SSRIs would give.
So if anyone is taking one or both and especially while taking a stimulant please let me know how they've reacted.

03-01-16, 12:19 PM
Im sorry I havent heard of those drugs before.

03-01-16, 04:00 PM
Im sorry I havent heard of those drugs before.
Brintellix = vortioxetine, an atypical antidepressant that modulates and stimulates serotonin, most used as a first-line treatment for major depression.

Fanapt = iloperidone, an atypical antipsychotic usually prescribed in schizophrenia.