View Full Version : ADHD for years and now diagnosed with dysthymia

02-28-16, 03:10 PM
Hello everyone,

I was diagnosed back in my 20's, now 48, with ADHD and was on Dexedrine until my mid 30's. I think I did pretty well for a few years without meds but I guess as I am back in therapy now I am coming to learn and accept that when things starting getting crazy again I pretty much ignored it, and I assumed that this was life and just had to deal with what it thru at me.

As I mentioned above I am now back in therapy and come to learn that there is a high probability that I am Dysthymic as well. After reading about it I pretty much had an OMG moment and have since decided it is imperative I get the thoughts of worthlessness, being a failure, and always wondering why my life continues to perpetually go from good to bad, mostly bad, has got to stop...

I am now open again to medication and have my first appointment with a psychiatrist tomorrow and am a bit nervous... I am hoping that there may be some on this forum that have experienced both and maybe have some success stories on what has, and has not worked for them, specifically medications and mixtures of medications that treat both ADHD and Dystymia.

Thanks in advance!

02-28-16, 03:30 PM
I have ADHD-PI and what used to be called dysthymia in DSM-IV.

For me, 450mg of bupropion hcl + 60mg dextroamphetamine sulfate + 2+ hours of vigorous exercise per day is efficacious in addressing my symptoms.