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02-29-16, 08:24 AM
Concerta (or Ritalin) helps me with my hyperactivity but I'm not sure about the attention. I'm still constantly changing the tasks. I start to do something, lets say I have a deadline for a work and I really don't have enough time to complete it, I still open too many windows in the computer, jumping from one to the other and forget to do my real work.
Also I don't see any difference in my motivation.

But there is an improvement on being easily distracted. Before, when I was trying to read something and somebody was making a noise, not only I was distracted completely but also getting so angry. Now I'm better on this. I could even read a book in a cafe which was impossible for me.

In the end, I'm still constantly changing the tasks, have a short attention span, problems in time management, lack of motivation and procrastination. This is a disappointment for me.

I don't now why I do not see a good improvement on attention but on hyperactivity.

02-29-16, 12:59 PM
What is your dose of concerta?

02-29-16, 01:43 PM
36 mgs daily

03-01-16, 04:45 AM
I'm on 36 mg too and I experience the same things. Hyperactivity and impulsivity gone, relaxed with lowered blood pressure. However, no improvement at all on focus or motivation.

Also it wears out too fast. If I take it at 07:00, the effect is gone by 13:00. Therefore I take it at 13:00 so that I have the effect when I need it most. But of course I'd need something earlier in the day too.