View Full Version : wellbutrin not working?

02-29-16, 03:58 PM
I've been on 100mg wellbutrin once daily for about a month now and i haven't noticed a difference except for the first 2 weeks it made me very easily agitated. other than that, everythings been the exact same. no improvement in focus at all, is this normal or should i talk to my doc about trying another med?

03-02-16, 09:47 AM
people usually take 150mg or 300mg. the maximum dose is 450mg - above that would be dangerous because the person will be at risk for seizures.

so you can speak with your doctor to up the dosage.

Are you on XL or SR btw?
Also what time do you take your meds.

03-09-16, 11:32 AM
In short, Wellburtin sucks. I was prescribed it a couple of times. While it showed initial promise in the first few weeks (possibly due to placebo effect), it crapped out after the first couple of months, leaving me feeling weird and depressed. I typically dislike reuptake inhibitors (Ritalin is the one exception). Strattera was a similar experience for me - just weirdness with no detectable effect on my ADHD symptoms.

When it comes to treating ADHD symptoms, there are no current substitutes for the efficacy of stims. Some pdocs don't want to deal with the "liability" of prescribing stims (although research shows they're quite safe and non-addictive at therapeutic doses). Some pdocs are bought and sold by pharmaceutical companies who want them to push (crap) drugs like Strattera and Wellbutrin. And some pdocs just don't have a solid grasp on pharmacology. Find a pdoc who knows ADHD and how to treat it.