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03-01-16, 02:52 AM
Well, I'm someone with Aspergers and ADD, and I am at the end of my rope. I'm a very good writer, but I'm just terrible at doing all other aspects of being a writer, yet if all I had to do was focus on writing, and someone else worried about all the other aspects, like promotion, I think I'd be good.

I've also crafted my own ad here: Hello. My name is noitartst, and I am seeking an agent/business partner for myself, as I proceed to market myself as a freelance writer/journalist.

Looking back so far over thirty-seven years, I have come, dare I say, to realize what I am very good at.

To wit, I'm smart, very smart, and good writer, want to be doing this as a career. I love to read, and even more, to share my thoughts, and ideas, with others.

And even better, given that's pretty much all I want to do, I'd really like to get paid for it.

Trouble is, still looking back over my thirty-seven years, I happen to be sufficiently self-aware of a key weakness.

Simply put, I do not like to market myself. Or, I'm simply not good at it.

Or, I'm a little bit crazy—but let's not go there, shall we?

Oh, I do not mind banging out articles, long articles, or editing them, but I do mind the hassle of self-promotion. I don't like it, am not comfortable with it, and I probably never will.

Maybe it's my inflexible Aspergers, maybe it's my in-born stubbornness, maybe...I don't know. I just know that after thirty-seven years of living, I do not seem to be a good freelance journalist, even if I posses more than my share of ability.

My friend, that's where you come in.

Like me you're ambitious, driven, but blessed with ability to ask for things...and make them want to give it to you. I could you. You do the work of finding paying publishers, and I'll write to them the work that pays.

A symbiotic blending of abilities, really; I'm a content provider, but I need a middle man for my talents, as you can see, at [my website]; it's basically a clearinghouse for things I've written, but it's also a nice resume, of sorts, for my chops. I have a channel on YouTube, as well—for good measure.

I'll be famous, one day, and per your role, you'll get a cut.

Specifically, you need to be people-savvy, but also, tech-savvy, computer savvy. I have been developing my own skills, already, and will be doing more, but if nothing else, we could just make money via blog traffic: Developing traffic would fall under your domain, whereas content, as ever, is mine.

Exact percentages can be negotiated but keep in mind: You are not simply doing this for profit, but also to help compensate someone over something he has otherwise struggled with. For me, it it is to but make an impact within the greater world.

Beyond this, I have a whole mess of book, and musical, ideas for us to work on. But for now, however, let's simply focus on accruing name, and some short-term dough. I can do product reviews, show reviews, and book reviews. I can do social commentary, political commentary, and even satire. I can do personal. I can do witty. I persuade, or I can just give an opinion.
In short, I can do it all.

But be forewarned: I have an odd brand of politics, and will say but odder things. I'm not the most partisan of pundits, but my socio-cultural views do indeed steer right. If you can't handle it, don't say I didn't warn yas.

Sincerely, noitartst

Right now, I'm just scattered too thin, and am seeking the right support for selling my articles. DO you know anyone that can help me?

03-01-16, 03:20 AM
Unless you plan to pay someone even part time by the hour. No one is going to work for you for free.

Even a base and added commission would be more likely. But commission based for the amount of work someone would need to do to get you established. It's very unrealistic to find a person that will do it for a unknown author/blogger opinion person

03-01-16, 08:36 AM
What socal said.

If you found someone willing to do this job for 50% of every deal they find for you, you'd be very lucky.

Generally speaking, the one who lands the deals is paid a a lot more than the one who can fulfill them (you, as the writer, are the latter).

You either have to pay a salary or give about 50% of every deal.

Little Missy
03-01-16, 08:38 AM
Good Luck! :)