View Full Version : Houston Texas Support Group?

03-01-16, 02:07 PM
Does anyone know of a support group in this area that IS NOT IN A CHURCH?

I would really like to meet with people to relate with who can possibly pass off great advice... I feel at a loss with my friends, family, and even doctors.

03-01-16, 04:23 PM
Many groups of various kinds meet in churches simply because the church has space for rent. It doesn't mean it is a church group.

03-02-16, 02:08 AM
Check meet up dot com they may have options local to you

03-02-16, 02:28 AM
adda-sr (dot) org has a list of Houston-area support groups, though I'm not sure how current it is.

Many (but not all) of the groups listed there do meet in churches, but as dvdnvwls said, churches are often just available and convenient meeting spaces and the support group won't necessarily have any religious affiliation or "flavor" to it.

CHADD only listed a N. Texas support group, so that won't be much help.

Meetup may be helpful, as Socaljaxs suggested.

You could also check with UT's Health Science Center (psychiatry dept.) to see if they sponsor any groups or could refer you to a local group. (I didn't see any listed on their website, but it probably couldn't hurt to inquire -- if only to indicate that there's interest in such things.)