View Full Version : Just got script Dex -- Have a few questions

03-04-16, 02:12 PM
Tried all of the ADHD meds except for Dex in tablet or spanules. I didn't like Adderall and I am currently on Vyvanse. I like the way Vyvanse makes me focus, but I have peaks and pitfalls through out the day on it. Vyvanse usually only lasts me around 5 hours with a few very irritable hours afterwards as well.

This led me to Dexedrine and I got script to change to it, but I found out Amedra charges me... $1000 for this (60x15mg). I wanted to know if this was normal since the generic version (Activis?) was around $400. Vyvanse is only $227 for my script, but this is a bit steeper.

Not sure how much brand matters; I've read a few posts about how Barr was awful, but haven't seen any relating to Activis or w/e the brand is called.

Thank you for any advice.

03-13-16, 05:03 AM
Do you live in the us? Cause here it's always vyvanse that costs a lot because there is no generic.