View Full Version : ADHD, CFS prescribed Dex, Ritalin combination, needing any feedback tofind a balance

03-05-16, 05:14 AM
Hi all,

I've had Chronic Fatigue for 5+ years and only diagnosed in the last 6 months, and newly diagnosed with ADD, I tried Dexamphetamines first which was great on energy but still had concentration issues and would lose focus easily so I was put on Ritalin which was great all round with concentration, moods, focus but lacked energy so struggled to get out of bed and have the energy I needed to get thru the day so I'm currently trial the both and I know it's trial and error but I just can't get the combination right, just wanted to see if anyone else is on the same combination and what works for them I know everyone reacts differently but any feedback or ideas is better then nothing, also has anyone tried tyrosine?
I think the Dexamphetamines are not working well with the Ritalin mix first thing in the morning and I need the Dex dose in the morning so I thought maybe trying the tyrosine as the morning dose and resume the other medications later in the day which will help me balance it a bit better, originally I was on 4 an hour before getting up and 2 later in the day (same dose was tried for both medications when I was using them separately) I've tried half and half and a number of different combinations without success, I've tried just Dex in the morning and 2 hrs later while at work taking Ritalin and the list goes on, any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance🙃😣

03-05-16, 08:54 AM
I have not tried those combos of medications, that I can recall, but I'm curious to know what your daily nutritional intake, sleep schedule, and purposeful movement looks like.

Just asking because those three things brought about miraculous changes in my life, once I was able to better recognize the patterns, able to walk away from the major source of stress which was my job at the time, experience much more of what didn't work via the professionals making things worse via ignoring significant and critical information, afforded opportunities to practice the suggested methods for a while, and realize the benefits via living it.

I had been diagnosed with IBS, CFS, Nervous Stomach, Severe Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, Severe ADHD, Severe Depression, and "some kind of personality disorder" that they said they just couldn't quite figure out. lol But they totally, and what eventually felt like purposely, overlooked PTSD related issues from early sexual abuse and ongoing domestic abuse I had freely and openly shared with them.

Medication helped tremendously for me for about a year-ish or so, total, minus the years of failed multiple SSRI attempts and combinations that threw me for a big uncomfortable loop, making things much worse. But the meds weren't a viable long term solution for my biology, unfortunately.

Adderall and wellbutrin were the most helpful among the mix of scripts I received, but again, obviously not meant for long term relief in my world based on my experiences, thus far.

A radical change in my food intake by eliminating all meat, dairy, eggs, processed foods, and most grains, while also making purposeful daily movement a fun and accessible thing in my own home, learning diaphragmatic breathing techniques, and having my body naturally adjust and start sleeping more regularly has afforded me the best health I've ever experienced in my nearly five decades of existing.

I had previously believed I had to get all the med issues in line and in order first and foremost before I would ever experience relief in ANY other area, but learned via a trip to the ER for another medical issue that, for me, putting all those things that help ensure a stronger bodily foundation from the inside out into place, with or without medications, greatly helped ease the need for pharmaceutical intervention in my life, thus far.

Everyone's mileage will vary in their pursuits based on their own personal biology and preferences, awareness of self-talk through the processes, self-advocacy skills in clearly communicating symptoms and concerns, being comfortable asking questions, and the competency of the professionals encountered.

Best of luck in your continued pursuits of wellness. What a long strange trip it's been in my world.

07-16-16, 12:37 PM
Who's all your symptoms found like late-stage Lyme!!
I had almost every thing you list here and most stemmed from late/stage Lyme!! It's SO under and misdiagnosed that it's disgusting.
Please look up symptoms of late-stGe. I'll help any way I can!

I'm new btw but not new to ADD and many other issues