View Full Version : Biggest mistake of my life..don't ever do this.

03-06-16, 08:46 PM
I quit lexapro cold turkey 5 months ago after being on it a year and a half. I tried to taper for a week or so but I'm kind of all or nothing and being ADD I'm a scatter brain sometimes and just couldn't keep track of taper.
Well let me tell you the past 5 months have been pure hell. First, I have a baby who was 3 months when I made this huge mistake and a toddler so my anxiety and some ppd set in and I tried to reinstate but it gave me terrible migraines which never happened before so I just gave up.

Looking back the lexapro worked. Maybe to good to an extent but I will take that over the painful, paralyzingly bad anxiety and deep depression I've been in since. I've completely isolated myself from friends and family, stopped exercising and everything else I normally do. I have no doubt that quitting cold turkey really screwed me up and now I'm ready to ask my pdoc to go back on. 3 months back I got so bad I asked my Obgyn to call in 10mg Prozac it seemed to help for 2 weeks but now nothing.

I also take off and on adderall 20mg xl which certainly helps with my ADD but now exaggerates my anxiety that amplified by the withdrawals from lexapro.

Has anyone had luck with reinstating lexapro after going off for some time? Never ever, ever stop an ssri cold turkey, I'm sure most of you are not as "genius" as I am to do this;( big life changing mistake.

03-06-16, 11:21 PM

The issue of depression could be post- partum depression. Talk to your Ob/Gyn again and/or pdoc.