View Full Version : Anti-nice, for example sick art

03-09-16, 05:05 AM
Getting sick of people randomly commenting without any meaning, nice, to whatever you tell them. Also, nice because they recognize it and I want to get them out of that bubble and get them to understand there's more interesting things on the markets than what they know and understand as 'nice'.

Hence I like sometimes, depending on the chemistry, or simply how daredevil I feel, to go provocative and do a lil test of some sorts and talk about sick art. For me art is an expression of feeling and I see a tree made out of dead bloody bodies as fascinating. Or blatantly abstract. Point is, I talk about that just to get to see whether they're able to appreciate what someone appreciates yet may be quiet uncommon and unexpected. To open their eyes whatever someone else might find amazing may not necessarily be 'nice' for them, nonetheless 'nice' for someone else.

I say nice too, I know. Just amuses me but stop saying nice, it's lost all its meaning. State the quality maybe... open up, open your eyes. People open mine constantly in all sorts of ways.