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03-12-16, 05:00 AM
But trying to get my feet down to Earth. Hence, sorry for some dark posts lately. Enough intense drama in my posts for now. I'm aiming to clean up many things and I started half an hour ago. Filtered through adult material, bookmarks and my presentation here. Hope the ones I care about are doing fine here.

Also, considering I sometimes overthink, I should start seeing in shades rather than black and white.
The word 'nice' is perfectly fine to use. Ocyan, philo is nice but don't put it on a pedestal. There are few words I will avoid in life (fu*k f.e., dislike that word) and some other words I was lucky never to have learned into my English education but 'nice' isn't one of em.

Overthinking sometimes is like a parasite in my brain for over driving every single thing and attitudes and rules. Sorry for that, it makes me less of a person.

PS - I write so much simply because I'm thinking so much, not because so full of myself... ah you know what ADHD is like

03-12-16, 05:05 AM
A bit of introspection and trying to improve is always good and I think it's great that you are continuously seeking opportunities to do that.

Also though go easy on yourself. You are all right. :)

03-12-16, 05:09 AM
Thnx dude !

03-12-16, 05:27 AM
It's always good to see your posts Ocyan :) :grouphug:

03-12-16, 05:33 AM
It's always good to see your posts Ocyan :) :grouphug:
Yup exactly
This forum would be pretty empty if we didnt all overthink things so much :)
You just rock!

03-12-16, 08:52 AM
If we wait around until we think what we have to say may be well received, understood by most, or even welcomed as dialogue, I'd never post a damn thing. lol

Free styling, venting, and introspection are three of the most therapeutic tools available. Work it. Work it good. :) Always good to see you around, homey.