View Full Version : Ritalin causes anxiety, adderall is fine

03-13-16, 01:17 AM
My doctor prescribed adderall then switched me to ritalin for ADD symptoms.
They are low dose 10mg each. I've noticed that ritalin tends to cause more anxiety and paradoxically makes it more difficult to focus on school work.

I seem fine with the adderall. I read that ritalin was safer but after reading more I am not so sure. Anyone else have anxiety from ritalin?

03-13-16, 03:33 AM
Had to switch back to dexedrine.

Smallest dose of ritalin and I had to move and fast for a couple of hours until the effect had gone.

(my first threads here - many years ago - asked this question)

Dexedrine was fine though

03-13-16, 05:07 AM
Where did you read that Ritalin is safer? They are both equally safe. I loved the way Ritalin worked but my bipolar and other mood issues did not like Ritalin. I've been on dex and adderall then dex again for over ten years.