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03-14-16, 01:29 PM
After I went off Cymbalta I have struggled with low blood pressure, loss of motivation. Taking multivitamins was somewhat a solution since it also contains 100 mg magnesium. I have found out that it solves most of my problems, but give me some new. Now Metamina (Dex) feels like the first time I started, but it also makes the meds last forever. I can skip Metamina almost a week and it still works. And when it wears off its wery slow to a point my Adhd is back with revenge. The other thing it gives me a little bit of anxiety. But I do not get any form for depression.
What do you think about this? I got a new appointment to a new doc. But that's not before August this year. It's a long time to wait on a new med change. But for now this works for me with a little bit off tweaking. Now I only take about 25mg Magnesium once in a week.
It would be great to hear what you all think about this. I have also been thinking about Strattera, but since it doesn't contain dopamine I am not sure. Also because I have anxiety problems that Metamina resolves way better than any ssri /snri I have tried. And I have learned the hard way how little that kind of meds work on me.

03-14-16, 02:36 PM
Theres Magnesium Citrate ; Zinc Picolinate; and Calcium Citrate.

These are the most absorable forms of the minerals Zinc Magnesium and Calcium. These minerals are involved in hundreds of different and complex processes in our body. A deficiency in any nutrient can lead to many problems. Also, women need Iron, so you might want to mess around with Iron supplements to see how much a difference that can help you with you ADHD and other issues.

Just the minerals by themselves, without any ADHD medication, can work if you can figure out which ones you are difficient in.

Taking the ADHD meds makes you run out of minerals faster, so its difficult to see how just minerals can help if you are also taking meds.

03-14-16, 05:18 PM
These minerals are involved in hundreds of different and complexes.
Taking the ADHD meds makes you run out of minerals faster, so its difficult to see how just minerals can help if you are also taking meds.
Just wanted to share that there are forms of magnesium that are more helpful than others. From what I know from bottom: magnesium sterate, which is found in stuff like tums, magnesium citrate like you said and chelated magnesium. The chealted is the best form of magnesium for your body, especially in regards to sleep. I take mine at night. There are theories that if you take the chelated form regularly its supposed to reduce tolerance but I am not a firm believer in that one. I just know that it helps me sleep.

03-15-16, 04:00 AM
Thank you. For me magnesium makes Metamina feel like the first time. But it also prolong the life to the point I have to be careful. It is no different when I take it. I got to the point I have to take a small dosage, if not I get anxiety. But for me it's a great solution that makes me superhappy. And I don't have to worry about when I take Metamina. To much Magnesium made my Adhd so severe that I didn't know what to do. The best part, no crash when it's out of the body. So I think this is a great thing for me. Metamina don't feels as dark and heavy.. Missing another word for it. But my head is still calm and my consecration is great,the same with motivation. And no drop in blood pressure that used to make me almost faint when I got from sitting to standing. But like I said, I have to be careful with Magnesium. Wish I could get hold of some low dosage that would not stay so long in the body tho.