View Full Version : Punctuality fail

03-16-16, 03:39 AM
This is just a whine/vent topic. Feel free to post your own punctuality woes.

Fortunately for me, I'm currently working at a place where it's usually okay if I don't show up until 10 o'clock even though business hours start at 8. But since business hours start at 8, sometimes people schedule meetings that early, and sometimes I have to be at those meetings.

My new boss started scheduling weekly meetings for our team on Monday at 10 AM in his timezone, which is 9 AM for me. I often miss these meetings because I don't get to work in time. :( Fortunately, my boss is often so busy that the meeting gets canceled, so I haven't gotten in trouble, but it still bugs me that I can try really hard to make it to the damn meeting and still consistently fail.

I often go to bed late because I'm irresponsible like that. Then I oversleep on the weekends. This past Sunday, I slept so late I decided to just stay up overnight and go to work early on Monday (yesterday). Somehow I still only got there at 8:26, which isn't exactly early. Whatever, at least I'm in time for the 9 o'clock meeting! Except... I forgot that the meeting was now at 8 o'clock in my timezone because daylight savings time started (my area doesn't do DST; boss's time zone does). So I still missed it. SIGH.

Well, with not sleeping the whole previous night, of course I was tired all day. Hardly productive at all. At least that should make it easy to go to bed that night, right? Nope, it was 10:30PM before I realized it. Well, it's not too bad. I set my alarm to 7AM and planned to be at work by 9AM. Mysteriously woke up at about 3AM. Got a drink, went back to bed. Next thing I know, it's 11:14AM. I don't know what happened to the alarm.