View Full Version : Can I double up on my Concerta to get to my dose?

03-20-16, 01:07 AM
Hi all! I'm new to this forum (actually the first one I've ever been on) and was hoping someone could give me advice about my dosage.

I'm currently on 90 mg of Concerta and have been on it for months. Unfortunately, I realized Friday night that I ran out of pills and my doctor can't fill my script until Tuesday (office is close monday, don't ask me why!) I have left over 18 mg of Concerta and was wondering if anyone has 'doubled up' on pills in order to meet their dose. My Dr. has told me before I could always double if I ran out, but it just makes me nervous because that seems like a lot of pills at once!

Normally, I would just wait the few days but I'm an attorney and get almost all of my work done on the weekends and I'm really struggling without it. If anyone could give advice it would be greatly appreciated!! :)

03-20-16, 03:32 AM
I think it should be ok! I've done it with Ritalin, before. I was on 20 mg, and only had 5 mg tablets, took 4 and was ok :)

03-20-16, 10:00 AM
Ah yes, the perils of not planning a refill out the right way. If your doctor has told you you could do this, then do it. If its not exceeding the 90 mg then it should be ok, assuming the doc knows you have a back up supply.

03-20-16, 02:53 PM
Yes you couldn't be more right about forgetting to get the refills! I'm usually pretty good about it, but screwed myself over this time. Thank you for your advice though, I think it was more of the idea of taking 5 pills at once that made me uneasy! But you're right, if I'm getting to my 90 mg dose and not exceeding it, I think should be ok. Thanks again I appreciate it. :)