View Full Version : If self mockery was a thing

03-20-16, 06:34 AM
I'd watch 'what if' over and over again and enjoy getting swallowed in self loathing and take so much pleasure in not taking myself seriously because that's what being humble and playfully minded is all about. That is what I need. If I could take an injection to become selfless I would.

The goal is to see what needs improvement to make your life easier by laughing at yourself. It's a game, an honest game about self derogatory humor, mocking yourself. Taking a ridiculous perspective, because who cares ?

03-21-16, 04:28 AM
Do be careful with self mockery. It may seem light-hearted enough, but you are still hurting your core self with it. By consistently doing this, you even run the risk of creating a false reality for yourself out of it.

Try training in watching your own thoughts on a consistent basis. You'll be surprised what might come to the surface.

03-27-16, 12:56 PM
Very wise. Thnx for the advice. Agreed will do. Good post and helpful. I saved it to remember and learn from it.

03-27-16, 02:27 PM
I agree with sarek but I also think that sometimes not taking yourself (or your surroundings, other people near you) too seriously can be beneficial. And it probably helps to be able to laugh off some things. I think there's a fine line between comedy and tragedy and maybe that line is set by you (or by the uninvolved spectator ;) )

I was a happier person before I started taking life so seriously.