View Full Version : Valdoxan and Dexamphetamine

03-21-16, 04:50 AM
I got my hands on some valdoxan today and have just took one to see if it will help me sleep with my Dex. I used to take 25mg of seroquel but my dr changed it because I dislike seroquel and she says Dex and seroquel do the exact opposite of eachother, she and I don't like that. Has anyone else had any experience with valdoxan with a stim? Did it help you sleep and how was it for depression?

03-22-16, 02:27 PM
Valdoxan isn't prescribed in the states, and I don't typically take antidepressants, but I'm curious about it. Did the doctor say it would help with sleep? What dosage and frequency are you prescribed?


09-02-16, 03:17 AM
Are you still using Valdoxan?

I'm starting this week and was wondering what your experience was?
Weaning off lexapro 30mg. And take Dex 30mg