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03-21-16, 06:59 PM

I know this is probably a question that gets asked all the time, but I was just wondering if you think that I should have my son tested for ADHD.

He is currently 16 years old and constantly tells me that he thinks he has ADHD.

He is very talented in IT and can spend hours fixing or building computers without being distracted by anything, but the moment he has to study or read a book he can't seem to sit still for longer than a few minutes when he is by himself. When there's a teacher or parent with him he acts normally but then starts daydreaming instead and often misses most of what is being said to him.
He also seems to have some form of OCD, he has to have everything neat in his bedroom and is almost always vacuuming, cleaning or sorting things out when he gets a spare moment.

The only reason that I'm currently reluctant to have him tested is that I don't fully understand how selective he is (which makes me wonder if he just doesn't like school work). I honestly can't believe how he can concentrate on building a computer for hours without even getting distracted but can't seem to do Maths homework for 10 minutes without doing something else.

Do you think I need to look into his potential ADHD further, or just try to change his learning style?


03-21-16, 07:16 PM
I think that people here will tell you that unfortunately they cant make an assumption like that for you ,we are not physically there.
All i would suggest is going to talk to a GP or even if possible going to a psychiatrist and just get him tested. why leave anything to assumption when you can just get him checked out. read up on adhd it wont hurt to know more as well.
oh and here i will help you out a bit check the link it is an official ADHD checklist

03-21-16, 07:27 PM
I know it seems confusing, but even people without ADHD find it easier to focus on something they enjoy.

If mathematics is your thing you could probably spend hours developing a new formula, but would be bored in 10 minutes if you had to write a poem. ;)

Your son sounds like he might have the Innatentive form of ADHD, and in your shoes I think it would be worth getting an assessment.

I wish my ADHD granddaughter would spend some time tidying her room. :rolleyes:

03-22-16, 04:40 AM
The only way you will be able to help him is to take him to a qualified doctor.

03-22-16, 10:06 AM
ADHD doesn't just suddenly come on. It's a work in progress for YEARS and in my opinion you would have questioned it before now. My son wasn't diagnosed until age 13 but we always saw the signs they just weren't interfering enough in his life for me to seek help.

No one on here can say yes he has it, or no he does not. I started with having my son tested for a learning disability and that led to the ADHD discussion because they observed him in class and saw that he just isn't really there. I would suggest talking to his guidance counselor first, and don't tell your son. Ask if they can have someone observe him in class, the students often see people sitting in the back of the class and don't pay any attention to why they are there.

My son LOVES baseball but we saw his ADHD evident even there, so if your son can stay focused on IT things ADHD may not be a factor. Keep in mind, teenage boys in particular are walking hormones that can lead to a space cadet like fog even without ADHD. To compound the issue it is my opinion that every child exhibits one or more signs on the ADHD checklist OFTEN, it's just being a kid. I wish there was a blood test or something but there really isn't. Only further observation by qualified people will tell you.

03-22-16, 10:14 AM
I would get him tested. Even if he doesn't end up having it, the fact you believed him, and supported him and showed him you are in his corner, is something kids need.

03-22-16, 10:24 AM
If I understand correctly, our ability to pay attention is not necessarily impaired. What is impaired is the ability to choose what we pay attention to. I can focus for hours on playing spider solitaire (usually to the detriment of the work that I actually need to do) but the moment anything is slightly less than extremely interesting or has extreme consequences I struggle to focus.

I think, it's worth getting him tested. If it's not ADHD it might be something else that is causing his problems and like socal said, he will appreciate that you took him seriously.

DJ Bill
03-22-16, 12:01 PM
I would get him tested. Even if he doesn't end up having it, the fact you believed him, and supported him and showed him you are in his corner, is something kids need.


You can start with a few online screening tools...but the only thing you can definitely say about them is they might screen out someone who is obviously not ADD.

You might want to read a few basic ADD books and see if anything clicks. Hallowell, Barkley and some say Amen all have good ones. (If Amen wasn't pushing the high dollar brain scans I think we'd all believe his speil a bit more..) Chances are your local library has many ADD related books on the shelves.