View Full Version : can't find a job becuz of my ADHD

03-22-16, 04:33 AM
Sorry if I sound to depressing but I just can't seem to find decent work because of my condition. I always afraid to interact with people becuz they might judge me say things that I do not want to hear I know of my conditions and I'm trying my best to be like other peiple. I want people to accept me but I don't know how to that. I did not like the course I took in college I really hate marketing so much but it the course my mom wanted me to take and now I regretted it so much, and don't have any particular talents either so I'm like "stuck between a rock and a hard place" in my life. Please any advise is welcome so much. :(

03-22-16, 08:01 AM
Look at the things you do like. The trick with ADD is having the right balance for the right job.
ADD doesn't make you unemployable but it makes life much more harder in the wrong job.

I think in the right job ADD may give you some type of advantage.

03-22-16, 02:17 PM
I made the mistake of going into a field because other people thought it was a good fit. It wasn't until I stopped and decided what _I_ wanted that I ended up in a job that I loved.

I posted on another thread about a document the Mental Health commission put together about accomodations in the workplace, and they have lots of ways to help people adapt to their role and requirements. (PM me if you want a link to the document) It might be helpful to look at stuff like this or speak to a job councillor to figure out:

a) What work you are suited to,
b) What work you would enjoy,
c) What work would give you the life that you want,
d) How to manage some of the challenges,
e) How to make use of your strengths,
f) How to build your confidence and sense of self-worth (since it sounds like you feel self-conscious a lot of the time)

Hope this helps!

03-22-16, 02:25 PM
I think you should think about yourself this time around and write down what you would like to see in a job and then right down your strengths and weakness.
research each job and find the ones with your weaknesses and cross them out.
and there you have it a list of jobs you want to do and they are dependent on your strengths.
just an idea

04-20-16, 07:15 PM
It sounds like your problems are greater than just ADHD.

I hear a lot of elements of social anxiety in your post, along with poor self-esteem and depression.

Instead of looking at yourself as a list of pathologies, look at yourself as a complete person. What are your strengths and interests? What are your goals? What barriers do you need to overcome in order to achieve those goals?

Seeing a licensed counselor can help you sort out your fears.