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03-22-16, 05:22 AM
This is important.

So - we've the basis to PsychoNeuroImmunology.

Psycho - draw to sweet/umami [<- reward system growth] or bitter/sour [<- reward system post-growth]
Neuro - GABA inhibitory domination over Glutamate excitatory system
Immunology - Standing one's troops down over mounting an inappropriate immune response


"taste aversion and suppression of immune function." ( ychoneuroimmunology&h=sAQGk-s2i)

03-22-16, 02:31 PM
I think what's happening is

gourmand (growth) + mind -> gourmet
umami + high GI -> bitter / sour
meat and potato pie covered in treacle -> coffee / espresso / spice (turmeric/cumin) / citrus (whole) / chilli

spice (turmeric/cumin) / citrus (whole) / chilli -> anti-inflammatory (exptal evidence provided)

meat and potato pie covered in treacle -> very definitely inflammatory

'Gourmet' (sour / bitter)
coffee + dark chocolate
dark chocolate + chilli
chilli + lemon
chilli + turmeric


Wisdom alters taste preference.


Basis to appetite suppression
Classical aversive agents (bitter / sour) are appetite suppressants

03-22-16, 03:01 PM
The miracle weight-loss drug

Among these qualities, bitter and sour stimuli are innately aversive, whereas sweet and umami are appetitive and generally attractive to animals.

That should have been obvious.

Delete more-ish
Load up on the aversive (high quality)

and we're there ... ... ...