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03-23-16, 01:09 AM
Hi, my 7 year old son was recently diagnosed with ADHD. We are homeschooling and I need recommendations for a homeschool curriculum. It was only supposed to be a stop gap measure for a few months but now it looks like I may have to continue homeschooling for the next year or so. So far I have been using a variety of materials from the internet but it's very labour intensive and I need a curriculum that just provides everything so that I don't have to do so much leg work. He is a kinesthetic/tactile learner so I need a curriculum with lots of opportunities to use manipulatives and move around. Can anyone help with this?


03-23-16, 01:27 PM
Look up Montessori techniques. As for a curriculum google home school curriculum free and many links should come up.

03-23-16, 01:53 PM
personally my mother was always overlooking my work and always checking on me when i was homeschooling because i would always get distracted, there was an organization where i lived that had all the leg work already done. It is a lot of work,
i hope you find something that works
good luck :)

04-27-16, 09:20 PM
Look up Montessori techniques. As for a curriculum google home school curriculum free and many links should come up.

I homeschooled my son for 2 years using mainly Montessori techniques and it is not an easy way of doing things. I do recommend it, it really helps but it is a TON of work. My son has not been officially diagnosed with ADHD yet but we have known for a while now. He really struggled with homeschooling because of many issues. The biggest problem we had was that he worked so much faster than I could prepare for. Montessori takes a lot of work to prepare and it would take me an hour to prepare something just for him to finish with it in 5 minutes. We had some curriculum that was workbook based and while he could do it during the times when I was preparing other lessons, he found it SUPER boring and hated it.

There are really tons of premade homeschool curriculums out there. If you are Christian there are so many options, its a bit harder if you are not. Really I think with homeschool there are so many options for getting up and moving in between lessons or tailoring the lessons to your child's needs. You can always expand on what the curriculum is requiring if he needs more hands on experiences.

When we homeschooled (my son was 6 & 7 at the time) we did a ton of field trips and lots of outdoor study.

In the end we decided to put him back in school because he is super social and it really bothered him and he wanted to go to school again. I also had a lot of trouble keeping up with his very speedy work. He also had the usual ADHD issues like outbursts and getting really frustrating when he was required to do work he found boring. Right now he attends a Montessori school and it is really good for him in most ways. He can (and is encouraged to) get up and move around the classroom whenever he wants to. He can choose the work that he is interested in working on at that moment (as long as he completes the required work within the week). He is allowed to go at the speed at which he is comfortable with his work. It doesnt matter if he is doing 8th grade math in 4th grade and it also doesnt matter if his handwriting looks like a kindergartner's when he is in 4th grade. They go at their pace to keep improving. The downside we've found, other kids moving around the classroom is distracting and having too many choices makes it hard to decide where to start.

I hope this helps some. Id be happy to answer other questions you might have about homeschooling or montessori.