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03-23-16, 08:27 AM

I was prescribed Ritalin 10x3 and then switch to Concerta 36 mg daily. 1 month ago I stopped taking them because it made me depressed and gave me mixed episodes. It was terrible. I also have bipolar.

So my mood is way too better after I stop taking Concerta.
On the other hand, you know, I have ADHD.
My pdoc is now on a vacation. I will not see him at least for three weeks.

I'm thinking about taking 20 mg Ritalin IR when I really have to study and when I'm about to loose my mind while trying to focus.
10 mg was not enough, that's for sure. I tried it for 1 month, then 36 Concerta for 1 month.

What do you think?

04-10-16, 12:09 PM
I've heard cases of people who are bipolar and took ritalin and it only made their symptoms worse. Ritalin and concerta are both methylphenidate, so the effects might be the same.

Edit: oh wait Ritalin worked okay?

04-18-16, 04:30 AM
For me, ritalin wreaked havoc on me because of my bipolar. I do much better with amphetamines.

04-18-16, 04:55 PM
Thats a gamble especially being that they are the same. My pdoc and I changed my meds up in anticipation for a lifechange where I may not have access to what i was previously on.. but i forgot to renew my health coverage - so now i have zero coverage at all until i can get it reinstated.

I suppose not everyone triggers the same, but I also do better on amphetamines, not so great on methylphenidate (alone, in combination with an amphetamine, im fine), but methyl is all i have right now, and im currently limiting myself to 20/day too. But when i go over a threshhold (which may or may not be the same today as it was yesterday), i suffer pretty hard. tragically my adhd is almost unmanageable without anything..

if ritalin is all you got.. i would titrate up, rather than just jump in.