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05-11-05, 05:20 AM

I have problems with my psychotherapy. My ADHD is not yet treated by medication but I expect to get medicin in the next sessions.

Some weeks ago I feld in love with my psychotherapist. I know, it's just transferance and it's ok. I don't expect any problems for the analytic relationship.

What makes real trouble, is my brain-chemistry. That means, every time I am in love, I really "work". I can concentrate for hours (my flat is so clean now ;-) ), I am not as much disturbed by noises as normal, my contacts to others become good, I can share the treasures inside of me with other human beeings. The result is, that my fear disappears and my selfesteem is blown up like a balloon.

This time I can't enjoy these effects. My ADHD, my anxiety-disorder, my selfesteem-problems are just hidden or will return, when my strong feelings are gone. But how can I let these emotion go, when my psychotherapist is the reason for it. Is the only solution to change my professional?

My therapist knows about my "love", but he doesn't pull this feeling and the bettering of my symptoms together. He is still thinking, it was just the effect of the psychotherapy.

I am so ashamed to tell the truth. I live in germany, a developmental-country according to ADHD. I had been waiting to be diagnosed for more then a year. Then it took another half year to begin the treatment. I don't want to change and wait again. How in the world could I be so extreemly silly to slip into the only situation, where most of my symptoms disappear, when I finally found help for these symptoms?

Does anybody know such a situation from his own experience? What can I do?

Xandra (Germany)

05-11-05, 05:58 AM
Damn your lucky when I go into the love phase I can't work at all, all I do is think of that person. I wounder if the chemicals that are realsed help you in any way. Very Intresting. Maybe you work hard to impress them or something like that. I know that I am thinking and typing at the same time here but does it really matter. I broke up with my gal recently actually it was yesterday now that I think of it. I havn't been paying much attention to anything that is going on in the lectures, so maybe you do have a point. I will test it next time I fall for someone, I will not take my meds and see how I do.

05-11-05, 06:44 AM
I will test it next time I fall for someone, I will not take my meds and see how I do.
Just ignore your low Seretonin-level (that makes the compulsive thinking to the loved one) and use the immense measure of Dopamin, that floods a brain in love.:D

05-11-05, 03:29 PM
It is normal to develop an attachment to one's therapist, as you said. If you get another therapist, it will probably happen again, so there's probably no use there. Over time, the feelings will fade a bit so that you are no longer "in love."

You might consider seeing a therapist who's of a gender not suited for you to fall in love with. But, really, I'd say to just ride it out. (Unless you are bisexual, then, I don't really have a good suggestion. :P)

BTW, the ceasing of ADD symptoms while "in love" is no real surprise. There's a neurotransmitter called phenylethylamine that's the so-called "love chemical," and is structurally related to amphetamine.

05-17-05, 02:02 AM

I just want to tell you in brief, what my psychotherapist thinks about these phenomena. Last friday I informed him, how my feelings and the bettering of symptoms depend on each other.

In his opinion, people with ADD are carrying a kind of emotional jumble in them, and emotions are often very difficult to be named. So I was probably not in love, even if this emotion feels like beeing in love in some respects. When his beautyfull bright eyes effect such a power in me, I should use this power without guilty consience, till we'll have found alternatives.

I am glad, he sees things so uncomplicated, even if I am not really sure, that using this way to push my brain-chemestry is so ideal. Most of all I fear to become too emotional depending on him, although I confide him much enough, that this is not in his intention.


05-17-05, 02:44 AM
Do you have trouble working out what your emotions are because I have no problem working them out I know the difference between love and a crush. Actully this is how I like to view it.

Love: Is where there will be no Deforces or brake ups, feel happy everyday when you come home and see their face. Thier face distories all evil thoughts and bad things that have happened to you today. You know they are your whole world, any arguments you may have are always resloved. You both understand each other.

Crush: Is where you feel as if your in love but you do not understand the other person as well. You do brake up have a diforce even after 20 years. Crush as I think of it is a way your brain narrows down people or it learns about realtionships and how they work. It is its crule way of making you learn or feel pleasure. :) :) :)