View Full Version : Helping is awesome, not wanting anything back

03-27-16, 12:31 AM
A friend of mine was in desperate need of a job, intelligent guy and I had just left door-to-door fundraising for Guide Dogs. I luv street fundraising, d2d not so much but my boss liked me and offered me a job somewhere else for streets. He even offered being my reference on my CV which I really appreciate, have none. Anyway told me if I know people they'd take em for an interview immediately.

So I give him an information paper I forgot to return to my boss, so my friend could get as much info as possible. I gave him two different pitches, eveything my bosses told me to make sure he could bluntly blow them away foot in mouth and get the job. Headstart you know ? I even practiced all arguments people can give you and little details for long term donations.

HE GOT THE JOB !!! Fear I'll never see him again but, damn, he deserves it. The other day same thing. Too much KFC food and two girls in front of me having a simple ice cream. I offer them my stuff, a lot remained was full. They thanked me but I just think, as in my own life - sometimes terrible things happen, sometimes I have been in a wave of positive karma, and I wish that to anyone.

03-27-16, 01:51 AM
Hey...that's really nice of you!!! I'm sure much appreciated by your friend too!!!

03-27-16, 02:05 AM
It is always good to help people in need.

03-27-16, 04:27 AM
That was lovely of you Ocyan :grouphug:

03-27-16, 06:24 AM
Cheers buddy

Still can't believe he got the job. Was absolutely rooting for it. It's nice when you put a tremendous amount of effort into a small chance of someone else getting a mere interview, let alone the job. My future job hopefully guaranteed as well !