View Full Version : Disregard instead of reward for coping

03-27-16, 06:18 AM
Quick thing happened - he says this picture was in Pi and says where that is as music is playing and girl is talking over the phone. Besides he told it to another guy, not me. I'm busy looking at the picture so ask where that is. They laugh.

I find that unfair. I'm basically coping for the deficit of not hearing, and instead of remaining in ignorance I cope by asking what he said. In school this is a bonus, in the military a requisite for otherwise disobeying orders. Isn't this a lifetime accumulation of disregard for extra effort for people with distractability that leads to be ******* annoyed by it ?

Please understand I'm talking the big picture. This incident is irrelevant and serves an exemple. Barkley addresses this phenomenon.