View Full Version : Failed in Exam

03-28-16, 09:56 AM

I am using ADD drug called concerta since 5th (10yrs old) grade.The ADD never affected my results in primary school.In High school I never work hard for my grades.Because I dont have any thoughs what I want to do in future.
After failing in first part of the test, I gave up.4 Weeks later, I write down my goal and started working on my future.This was 1 year ago.

Days are past and everything is great.I was ready for the university exam, after 10 months of hardworking, I got my results and I was shocked.After controlling my test everything was good.Turns out I accidentaly marked wrong section of the test.

This exam is kinda moral test for me.Now I feel like everything I do fails because of my curse.

03-29-16, 12:44 AM
Crouzer, I am so sorry this happened. Can you retest or they see where your meant to put the answers?

ADHD and school is tricky most of the time.