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03-28-16, 06:42 PM
I've been wondering if I should see the doc or not.

I can get through my days easily enough and get on with things well enough.

It's just that I've been letting a lot of things slide in recent months. I can't seem to focus up on what's important to me.

Even posting here..... I read, I am interested.... I want to respond or add input... but then I think I'll do that tomorrow. And don't.

Texts from friends I respond to with "must catch up soon"..... and then don't.

Nothing is wrong exactly. I can handle the day to day, inasmuch as whatever demands immediate attention.... I can do that much. Just nothing much extra.

I've had times like these. But never for this long (I think anyway).

One part of me thinks it's okay. We all have mellow times from time to time...? (do we?)

Another part of me thinks this has gone on long enough, and maybe I should make an effort to get the energy flowing faster than this?

I really don't know if this is a normal phase, or one I should seek help for.

I'm certainly not apathetic. If people turn up in my life, I can respond and enjoy them well enough (for a limited amount of time).
But I'm happy to hang out by myself too, and have an unusually low interest in reaching out.
Even with topics here that normally would have engaged me. (In my head I can respond, but cannot quite get the energy together to post a reply!!!)

It feels like being in the doldrums. I am not unhappy. But I am somewhat disengaged. A bit weary. Like a part of me is too tired for life these days.

On the other hand, several of my family members are quite seriously ill these days. I am involved with that, in supporting them and being there for them. I am good at that sort of thing, and glad to be there for them. I like feeling I can support them and that I can maybe keep them buoyant

But outside of that, I feel a bit flat about ordinary, everyday life. It's not that I've lost interest...... it feels more like something I will get around to "tomorrow".... a tomorrow that never comes.

Is this depression? Or just a normal low in the ebb and flow of things?

I can't decide whether to seek help or not. It's been going on for a few months now.

Thanks xx

03-28-16, 07:03 PM
It could be dysthymia.

It could be an aspect of ADHD.

It could be a mix of those things.

And certainly acting as a carer is incredibly draining of resources.

Regardless of what it is, the fact it has been going on for a few months now merits an evaluation and consultation.

Part of that should necessarily concern questions about your diet, exercise, and sleep hygiene.

Blessed Be,

03-28-16, 07:15 PM
Thank you!
I am certainly concerned about my family members (and one close friend). My energy is much focused around them, but I think (or imagine) I am mostly upbeat within myself, and with them. But there is a lot of my energy orbiting around that.
I wish things were otherwise for them, and hope for better for the future.

Yes.... the fact that this 'flatness' has been going on for me since before Christmas is something that I've begun to question.

Dysthymia is a good explanation!

Diet, exercise and sleep hygiene..those are good places to look!!! I could elaborate (and bore you all) but yes.... good call, Aeon.... those are all areas that could make a big difference for me with this thing!!
Hugs to you for that! :)

03-28-16, 10:15 PM
I have felt like this in the past. To cut a long story short. There might be something that's taking to much attention but this is a guess. I could have written the same post.

Things that helped, changing my frame of reference, shaking things up a bit. Looking at diet and exercising more. Maybe this could be the minds way of reevaluating things.

These are just ideas from someone who walked through this. But everyone is different.

03-29-16, 05:19 AM
Sounds to me like a problem with executive functioning. I have the same problem. Always, regardless of how I feel. For me, stimulants doesn't seem to have any effect that specific problem.

Why O Why?
03-29-16, 11:11 AM
I am not a doctor but I will take a look.............

Just joined and this is my first post, reading the other posts is at once depressing and reassuring. Good to feel that I am not alone.

The malaise that you describe is a text book description of my current state. Has been for months and months.

If you are concerned then see a specialist, only you can make that call and only a specialist in a face to face meeting can give you safe or proven resolution. Everyone else, including myself, is just an interested observer. Don't ignore depression, it spirals down hill real fast and it feeds on itself.

For me I have identified that this extended period of melancholy is a good sign that my current job / employment has run it's course..........Most likely I have alienated almost all those I work with with my uncompromising demand for accountability and precision (I don't work for the friends so it doesn't worry me at all really, I have my close ones (and family) and that is all that counts). I have told my superiors that they are wrong and lectured my subordinates on their apathetic approach to work. I don't have german heritage but I do have an unhealthy obsession with precision, efficiency, order and rules.

In short this is a side effect of ADD. Tried to ignore it over the years. Tried to medicate it. Tried to moderate it. Failed each time. A combination of medication and embracing the issue is the best solution I find. It is not perfect but makes the consequences easier to predict / handle.

If you are not going to see a specialist then I would advise embracing your lack of give-a-f*#^-edness as a period where you are going to actively do very little and you are proud of it. You probably work hard enough as it is and if you are anything like me you end up doing a lot of re-work for others because you can't stand the thought that a less than perfect product will be produced.

P.s. I hope everyone knows the "I'm not a doctor" joke or that first line just looks weird.

03-29-16, 01:06 PM
I wouldn't have said you are depressed reading the first part of your post ..till you said that you are feeling weary and maybe a bit tired of life.

Maybe you are not depressed but it's probably worth finding out what is wrong and more than anything invest in some good self care and relaxation. Maybe you are tired or stressed...or maybe these are the early stages of depression. Depression however doesn't have to be acute pain or unhappiness. It's not necessarily a down pour of misery and tears but can be more like a grey and dull drizzle of just feeling too tired to live.