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03-29-16, 12:58 AM
Hello, I am an adult with moderate ADHD. I have been managing my ADHD using methylphernidate semi-sucessfully for about 10 years. Today I began treating my ADHD using some basic instinctual movements associated with physical play. I imagine its going to take my brain at least a week to adjust to changes in my treatment approaches. I will post more then. Any members interested. Please post whatever information/experiences you can think of that might help understand PLAY therapy for adults with ADHD better.


03-30-16, 03:13 PM
Thanks for posting about this. Sounds interesting. What do you mean by basic instinctual movements associated with physical play?

Are you still using your meds and doing this on top of the meds?

03-30-16, 03:24 PM
Wow, this is so interesting. I have moderate ASD and possible ADD and was recently discussing day activities that might help me. I don't have the attention span to do anything for long except when I'm hyperfocusing, which I can only do when it's quiet, ie. not in a group. I also have severe sensory issues that cause me to be overloaded easily. I was talking to my named nurse (I'm currently in a mental institution) and suggested snoezelen. Snoezelen is a form of sensory therapy where a person (usually with intellectual disability) is allowed into a room where sensory input can be controlled to soothe and stimulate the senses. For example, soft, soothing music can be played, there are scents, soft walls that the person can crash into without hurting themself, etc. I am going to discuss this idea with my psychologist soon. My activity staff suggested I try it at the intllectual disability unit. Note that snoezelen requires a room that can be adapted to be a multsensorially controlled environment, so you likely won't be able ot create such a room at home. However, if you are able to see an occupational therapist they might be able to suggest sensory solutions tha tmight help you along with your movements.

04-05-16, 11:28 PM
Thanks acdc01 and ChangelingGirl. I want to take another week before I focus more specifically on your posts and the PLAY therapy for adults with ADHD. I have not had the methylphenidate for about 4 days. I started weaning myself off the methyphenidate about 8 days ago. If I ever wean myself off the methyphenidate again, I would take longer and wean myself off the methyphenidate over 4 weeks not 4 days. I felt really depressed for the first few days, but focusing on SEEKING and PLAY, I have begun to feel more enthusiastic now. I am trying to be patient and remind myself that it is going to take longer for me to do things without methyphenidate.

Your questions and thoughts and patients are really appreciated, your posts help me to decide what to write about next.

Looking forward to discussing your posts more in regard to instinctual movements/primary emotions.


04-06-16, 01:50 AM
I'm interested in this. Out of all the therapies I had as a child, having a session that involved play would have been so nice. Although, I don't really know what is involved in it.

How do you do play therapy? Is it by yourself?

Any new type of experience that might help me I would be willing to try. (Unless it's harmful of course)

04-06-16, 07:45 AM
I consider the daily "exercising" I do to be my own flavor of play therapy.

I say that because doing so is what it took in order for me to settle into doing purposeful daily movement of any kind.

The daily staples I regularly indulge in now include the mini-trampoline, the aerobic machine thingy, the hula hoop, dancing, yoga postures, and exploring nature in my back yard.

Those are things I didn't get to do much of as a kid, into adult hood, based on my weight and incredibly low self-esteem.

I even take coloring books out in public and color my little heart out. What an amazing stress reliever and a great use of time spent waiting. And I still don't color inside the lines. lol

I used to love seeing others on the trampolines and always wished I could hula hoop. Once I became an adult, I was too big to do either successfully.

I never danced in front of others much, either, especially alone, due to being way too self-conscious, and was often too afraid to venture into the wilderness alone.

Now, those are the very things that help sustain my life in the healthiest and happiest of ways, ever, thus far.

For me to engage in activity daily, it HAS TO BE fun to me and not feel like "exercise" due the wave of feelings I experience in the harsh memories of never being considered good enough by others to manage to do any of it.

I finally feel good about myself and managed to find a whole lot more of self in the process of digging out from under all those antiquated feelings leftover from childhood and from gym class days.

My inner child is much more content and finally feels accepted by self, which creates more feelings of acceptance with others, or else I've finally reached the ultimate point of no return in not giving a damn what anyone else thinks.

Either way, it sure is nice to finally experience and I hope to maintain my preferred "play therapies" daily and on purpose. :)

04-30-16, 07:57 PM
Thanks a bunch.

I am going to start posting random feelings and thoughts, and see what happens.

Everyone's thoughts and feelings appreciate.

Last week had a wonderful time sitting on the floor, rolling a ball back a forth with a 1.5 year old. It was such a long time since I actually have got down on the floor and played. It was fun, I wonder if I can keep up the same frame of mind, sit/lay on the floor and play like young kid.