View Full Version : I cannot get anything done, especially schoolwork. Help???

03-29-16, 02:02 AM
Hi all I'm new here, and after thinking I have ADD from time to time over the past few years, I've got confirmation from my therapist that I do indeed have it. I talked to her about it after my lifelong struggle with managing work, tasks, organization, and school anxiety has just drastically increased over the last six months.

I'm in my last semester of a science Bachelor's, and I've managed to keep a B+/A- average, but only after 5 years, several incompletes and retakes and lots of help and physical health issues.

But I just absolutely CANNOT get anything done! Whether I like the subject or not, I get roughly 30-60 minutes of outside-class schoolwork done a day. Maybe on a really, really good day, 2 hours or 3. Reading and studying are hard, writing is nigh on impossible. I'm failing classes because I've been unable to do any of multiple short essays. It extends to housework and errands too, but less so because those tasks don't mount up to my entire future.

I thought it was because I was getting extremely burnt out on my major topic, but I'm taking a class for my minor I absolutely ADORE, enough that's it may've changed what I want to do with my life, but it too is extremely hard (though easier than other topics) for me to do work for.

I don't even really know why I can't get anything done. I make little plans probably several days a week, "I'm going to go home and work on this for an hour, take a break, eat, then call this person, then read this chapter" etc. And I get all pumped about getting things done, but then I get home and...nothing. Or I sit at my desk at my cubicle or at a coffee shop and basically nothing (I can, say, maybe check emails and respond). I get home and tell myself to do these things, and it's just like there's a disconnect between my brain and my body.

Of course part of it is distraction, like anyone, but I'm not really distracted by things in particular, or things that interest me usually. I don't go on social media so it's not that, I mostly just sit on my phone and say, scroll though my spam emails, or swipe aimlessly through the app store, or watch a dumb TV episode I will have seen a dozen times, or fiddle with what songs to play or check my heart rate or possibly play phone games I even at the time find boring, or possibly occasionally read several wiki articles about something (academic) I'm interested.

And I've tried various techniques, like breaking it down into very tiny tasks, or moving locations when I need to focus. I've tried it being quiet, I've tried having music on, I've tried with background TV, I've tried with white noise generators, and it just really doesn't seem to make any difference, except that I can't watch something novel that I'm interested in. I occasionally try to reward myself with something for some work done, and it helps a little but not really because I'm aware that I can do the thing whether or not I do the work. It doesn't seem to make too much difference whether I exercise, but I'm not sure on that one.

I currently don't have insurance so I can't get any medicine, but I have taken low doses of my partner's lisdexamphetamine and it helps some, or has some days, but sometimes it doesn't seem to help (it consistently helps with other things like remembering little tasks or focusing during lecture though). I have an anti-depressant that helps with like little tasks and class attendance.

The problem is I have a big thesis due I haven't started, and several essays and presentations and other things I haven't done, and I'm scared I won't get them done and won't graduate actually, and I'm really worried, but I just can't seem to bring myself to do anything, and I'm increasingly frustrated with myself.

Has anyone else dealt with this? Does anyone have any solutions or tips?