View Full Version : If you could have four things

03-29-16, 11:51 AM
If you could have four things in life, what would they be ?

I'd go for ;

Inner peace

03-29-16, 12:05 PM
Good physical health
The ability to feel peace and happiness (combined them because I'm not sure what the difference is. Maybe I just mean good emotional regulation. Also, maybe if you have that, if you can be fine under any conditions and in any situation, you don't really need anything else. )
Ability to be kind

03-29-16, 01:30 PM
Ability to be kind is love for me

I add money to the list. I'm no hero, I want it, and lots of it. Don't blame me for it, I'm honest, I'd be lying otherwise.

03-29-16, 04:06 PM
Good physical health
My cats :) (I assume we're referring to if we could have anything) :grouphug:

03-29-16, 09:24 PM
Any 4 things?

My mom alive
Endless supply of money
The ability to eat anything I want and not gain weight:lol::p
A new non defective physical body.. My current defective body forgets that I'm not an 80 years old

03-30-16, 01:41 AM
Inner peace sounds damn good I'm stealing it.
I would have as many dogs and cats as I could rescue.

A little house with a garden.

Health for myself and those I love.i

03-30-16, 02:43 AM
I know very well that all things in my life are as they are for my personal growth. That makes it somewhat hazardous to wish for things.

Of course, I would readily wish for all the obvious like health for myself and loved ones, enough money etc.

But when it comes down to the bare bones minimum, what I would ask for right now is simply a little bit of financial, personal freedom to allow me to live my life without being constantly constrained. This world constantly forces us to live somebody else's lives ( the lives of all those who financially or materially own parts of our existence) and I would love to be free of that slavery.

03-30-16, 02:53 AM

I know...I'm simple minded and greedy. But I'm not going to lie. I LOVE money. I'm sure it'd lose it's luster after have more money...I'm aware that a large reason money feels so damned good to have, is because I've become somewhat use to not having much of it over these last 10 or so years.
But dang. I love money! I love walking into a store with a pocket full of cash, with 1 goal. To spend it! haha
I love taking trips and having money for souvenirs.
I love window shopping...knowing if something really pops out at me...I can pick it up.
I love buying things for other people. Not dumb things...but nice things. Things I know they'll really get a kick out of.
I love going out to eat. I love taking my parents to nice restaurants.
I love having groceries in my apartment. To not have to go to my parents so often in order to get anything to eat.

I love money.
They say money can't buy happiness.
Sure. Okay.
But money does buy me things that DO make me happy! lol

Money, money, money and more money!
That's what I want!

Other 3 things?

Self forgiveness
Health (and I'd hope this would include both physical...and mental!)

03-30-16, 07:29 AM
Universal awareness catching on and spreading like wildfire
Continual improved health
Secure and endless supply of organically grown healthy foods and clean water
Unconditional and never-ending self-love

Everything else seems to fall right into place with all of the above in order.

04-01-16, 03:04 PM
positive cash flow
Great memory capacity