View Full Version : Do intelligent people swear more ?

03-29-16, 11:54 AM
Is it true ? Is there any scientific logic in here ? Because intelligent people are more aware of injustice, observe more abuse and therefor more prone to express themselves ?

03-29-16, 12:01 PM
No, I'm pretty sure that's not true. I don't think how much you swear is related to intelligence at all.

Also, you don't really need to be intelligent to be displeased, dissatisfied, disgruntled, frustrated... or to believe that you have plenty of reason to complain. People don't just complain about injustice but about perceived injustice.

Have you ever read bbc's HYS ( bbc have your say...reader's comments on online articles). You'll find lots of People there who appear not to have a modicum of reasonable thought or a shred of knowledge about anything in their brain but who have plenty of complaints.

03-29-16, 12:16 PM
I'm not very intelligent, I swear because I have a slightly bigger vocabulary than most people. I use a huge amount of words every day and a lot of them are curses!

03-29-16, 01:41 PM
Not really except some people will kind of make a " literary " effort
Like the Merovingien in Matrix!
i think lots has to to with culture and background

03-29-16, 05:41 PM
no f**kin way.

see, us dummies do it too

03-29-16, 07:41 PM
No, but it has been shown that those who can think of more swear words in a given time period are more intelligent.

In one study. ;)

03-29-16, 07:44 PM
I swear like a trooper. But my more explicit unterings are always private. Sometimes I want to tape myself.
And I'm super intelligent. Just ask me.

03-29-16, 07:56 PM
Howtf would we know ?? :mad: ;) :confused:

U R Welcome :cool:

03-29-16, 08:21 PM
No, but it has been shown that those who can think of more swear words in a given time period are more intelligent.

In one study. ;)

If that's true, I am like 10 times smarter than before I moved to S. Florida.:)

I must be a f in genius by now after driving I 95 over 50 miles a day for 7 years cussing my *** off.:lol:

Little Missy
03-29-16, 08:56 PM
I love to swear and cuss and curse and roll out expletives.

03-29-16, 10:30 PM

I'm shocked :eek: (Not) ;)

U R Welcome :cool:

03-30-16, 02:23 PM
intelligent people swear less because they have a better understanding of the impact of words used on others. The bigger vocabulary you have the better you can express yourself in fewer words rather then using vulgar terms.
just saying

03-30-16, 06:19 PM
***Just from my personal perspective.***

The most intelligent people I know swear, but rarely get to the point of needing to. They seem to do it only when it's appropriate and effective. They are usually more in control of their emotions.

I know plenty of people who swear constantly and most if not all, seem very unintelligent to me. I know some brilliant people who rarely swear. Prison is full of people who swear a lot more than the average population. Just my take on it.

04-01-16, 03:01 PM
I found this fairly interesting and will most likely settle this thread hehe
here is a link