View Full Version : Vyvanse Dosage Above 60-70mg

03-29-16, 10:05 PM
I'm prescribed 60mg of Vyvanse daily for ADD/ADHD & have been on this dose for about 4 years now. Originally it was prescribed by a neurologist who started me on a low dose and built it up to 60mg over time. When he retired I began receiving the rx from my primary care doctor.

It works well for me, but Ive built up a tolerance so it wears off in 4-5 hours. I've broached a higher dose with my primary care dr but they don't think it's necessary just based on my weight.

So my question is two fold. First does anyone take 70mg and notice much of a difference (When I built up to 60mg the first time my dose was increased by only 10mg I didn't notice much of a change). I don't want to go through the hassle of a second opinion if it's not going to change much. Second question is it uncommon or unsafe to take more than 70mg. I know this is the manufacturers posted limit but I know people who are prescribed higher than usual dosages of adderall (I've been prescribed multiple daily doses of adderall in the past but it makes me jittery while vyvanse doesn't)

Apologies if this is a common question and thanks for any help.

03-30-16, 03:20 AM
I cannot answer your question but simple math says the difference will be marginal. I am lucky enough for my 70mg to last about 14 hours. I know I am becoming something of an Adderall preacher but when my old doctor gave me two split Adderall at 20mg AM and 10mg noon. It worked great like that.