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03-30-16, 09:32 PM
Alright. It's been long coming, I've been lurking these forums for here's and I've finally decided to make my own post because I feel like my current situation has really become this bad.

Let me just start off with a little bit of my ADHD history. I'm currently 19, in college, and I've been on the meds for as long as I can remember. I was on adderall for a good while, then got put on Ritalin for a month, then back on adderall. I saw psychiatrist (I think I was in the 3rd grade when this happened) who made me stop the adderall cause it made me have some ticks and spider crawling skin problems.

So she put me on abilify (I guess she thought I had depression? I really can't remember I'm sorry but I feel like it's essential to the story anyways) and within taking the first initial does I had an INTENSE muscle spasm in my neck where it would force itself down and up and o had to go to the ER and get a Botox shot into my veins. My mind draws a blank but I guess fast forward to about 7/8 grade, where I was inexplicably put on vyvanse and have been on ever since.

I took my vyvanse 60mg everyday day I had school (for the most part) and just took breaks every weekend/holiday we had. Well I did pretty **** in high school anyways cause I would take my meds around 8 am just when school started and I noticed a funny trend in my grades. Every single year I noticed I did complete garbage in my 1st and 2nd period classes, would do amazing in my 3rd and 4th period classes, and would do OK in my 5th and 6th period classes.

I think I got like two F's in geography and Spanish 2, but then for the most part I was a C/B student. I don't know what it was. I would take the meds at 8 and get home at around 4pm. I developed a tolerance to it, so by the time I'd get home, vyvanse would have kicked my *** and I wouldn't care about doing anything related to school, or it would have just worn off and I'd be on the comedown.

This continued up until a month before junior year ended, where I just quite the meds cold turkey for a straight up year and a half. I don't even know how it happened, I missed a dose after all my AP tests were done, and then I missed another dose, and another does and it just snowballed into me taking the entire last month of junior year off of the meds.

I'm not gonna lie, I had a lot of fun in that month in my AP CS class cause all we did was an independent project for the entire month, but I didn't do any of it I just talked to my friend the whole time :o. So come senior year and I decided not to start the meds again because I just didn't want to deal with the low appetite, irritability, dry mouth, bad breath, uncontrollable sweating, insomnia, etc. I wanted a freaking girlfriend, and I knew with all of that **** I wouldn't even be able to talk to a chick let alone try to date one. I wanted to make new friends too because mine sucked.

This is were the story actually starts getting relevant, sorry for this vivid *** essay I'm typing, this is all on my phone and I'm currently on a vyvanse comedown. Anyways, this year was by far my most unproductive year I have ever had in my life, and I just barely graduated because of it.

I got a 38% in AP physics, a D- in precalc, a D- in adv. composition (senior English class), a D in AP psychology, and a B- in economics (that class was actually somewhat interesting to me, and it was **** easy too.) I did so ******* bad it was ridiculous. I also lost a ****load of friends due to some**** that went down, and I was a pretty annoying class member in all of my classes.

But you know what, I had fun even if half of my classmates despised every fiber of my being. Not to say I didn't have friends in those classes, and I wasn't like disruptive or anything. I just said **** uncensored in those classes, but I believe I made it fun. Side note, I also had a couple of panic attacks during that year over the possibility of me dying from some medical complications I had. Idk if it's related to the vyvanse or the specific circumstances I was under, but I just thought I'd throw it in there

Well anyways, now I'm in community college trying to transfer out and get a CS degree. I had some meds left over from junior year, so I just started taking those for the first couple of weeks and see how that goes. I quickly realized that shoving all my classes into two days and then having the easiest English class ever the other two days that I didn't really need to take my meds daily.

in fact, I probably averaged like 2-4 pills every two weeks or so, but sometimes I wouldn't take it at all so it's kinda iffy. I've basically been on this same weird haphazard schedule for the past two semesters, and I am not ******* happy. Infact, I'm quite miserable to be honest. Sometimes when I need to do like a single math assignment I need to take 60mg straight to nogging for that one assignment and I'll just feel horrible for the rest of the day.

Every time I take it after a week period or so of not taking it, I have the hardcore side effects I'd usually get after a month of not taking it when I took it regularly. The side effects aren't even consistent anymore. Sometimes I'll feel limp/numb/ warm, sometimes I'll feel really drowsy, sometimes I'm ridiculously spaced out, sometimes I sweat a lot, have insomnia, grind my teeth, have dry mouth, have a high blood pressure and a high BPM (to be fair I did notice my heart was around 100-110 when I took regularly, but now I have stuff like 140 with a 150/90 blood pressure) sometimes my left eye or thumb would twitch for a while.

Other times I would have a random "roller coaster" feeling when I'm just sitting sit or lying in bed. I often find that when I take it after 4-5 days, that I will be awake till 6 am, (this parts a little gross, sorry about that but it is a real problem and I can't control it when the meds affect me like this) have a ridiculous high sex drive to the point where I'd need to get myself off like 8-10 times in a night just to satisfy myself.

It would honestly be this horrible cycle of getting myself off, recuperating after 20 minutes, and doing it again. So much so that I would just straight up get ridiculous horny while doing math hw and I'd need to stop and rub one out quick before I could continue, but then I'd get horny again in another 20 minutes. Now, while normally I do have a higher than average sex drive, this is just plain ridiculous.

I know I'll wake up the next morning and feel like complete crap from lack of sleep/not eating for an entire day/vyvanse after effects/ have an abnormally high resting heart rate even if I didn't take the meds that day. I'm freaking miserable dude, but my grades are so good right now and I don't want to do anything to jeopardize that. Trying to meds isn't really something I have time for because I'm taking summer classes too this semester, and I'm honestly at a loose.

But honestly, the worst part of all of this is that, is how I feel in general now on the meds. I'd feel spaced out, unable to read things properly or write anything worth a damn. It's like, I used to be pretty confident in my reading and writing abilities, but now I feel like I've become stupider somehow or something. I don't know if it's the coursework is getting harder or what, but even when I do take vyvanse (which is the only way I can get anything done btw) I just feel like I work at a really slow pace.

I'd read a sentence over like 17 times and still dont understand it, I'd sit there and just stare at a math problem and run stupid elementary things in my head over and over again like "15+13 equals....13+15......15+13=28?.....ya okay I think that's right...." 14 hours later into doing math homwork and I've only completed 5-6 assignments. I don't know, I feel like I'm loosing faith in my cognitive ability. Maybe I have a brain tumor or maybe the messing up of vyvanse on my heart is causing these weird symptoms.

04-01-16, 01:34 PM
I personally think Ability is snake oil, I tried it in about every dose for 4 months and I didn't notice any difference until I got mad or frustrated about something and I would get off the chart worked up, angry and couldn't let it pass. When I stopped taking it i returned to normal which was 1000% more level headed.

Some people really don't adapt well to amphetamines, you might want to try a Ritalin based med instead but be warned they aren't as strong as Vyvanse or Adderall. If the Ritalin doesn't work as good as the Vyvanse I suggest you try Adderall IR to help regulate your sleep. I am one of the few fortunate enough to have Vyvanse last 14 hours but being a troubled sleeper to begin with I find it hard to sleep without 100mg Benadryl which kills my Vyvanse potency the next day. When I started Adderall in 2005 one of the first things I noticed was it helped regulate my sleep cycle with perfect timing. By the time my noon dose had worn off completely it was night time anyway after living a full and alert day. I seem to be the only one who believes this but I found Adderall to help my short term memory a bit better than Vyvanse but I wouldn't live by that claim yourself because I seem to be the only one making it. Also I found with Adderall IR 20mg AM at wakeup (I kept my Adderall bottle in my bed inches from my alarm clock) it took about 20 minutes to hit me enough I felt like it was helping and by 45 minutes it was plenty strong for work without a hiccup. Vyvanse on the other hand sometimes takes me up to 3 hours before it is as strong as it needs to be and about an hour and a half before it gets to a level I think it helps some. I have never felt it at all in less than an hour. That being said I might have a stomach bug called helicobacter messing with the absorption and conversion of Vyvanse but there have been some days, though not in the last few weeks, it worked plenty strong but the time to effect was still pretty slow. I did take Vyvanse for a few months right when it came out, when my stomach was perfectly healthy and it still took about an hour and a half to work. I switched back to the Adderall IR 20 + 10mg and was happier with that. At first I sort of liked the Vyvanse because I never felt a "peak" but in the end I thought the Adderall helped me do my job better which was often techinal.

There are not many here who would agree with me but I found a low dose of Xanax to help me the first time I was on stimulant meds (2006-2009) and when I say that I don't mean to cure amphetamine side effects, which it did, but actually with my ADD as well. My doctor agreed it was a good combo also even though many would give it a big red flag. I tried Ativan, Klonopin and Valium also but all three in that order were worse and worse at cognitive/personality side effects whereas Xanax 0.5-1mg (at the time I was 240lbs) would be perfectly transparent so I never felt the least bit drugged. If I took 1mg it was the XR version which is more expensive. I am only guessing it is age, but now @32 years old vs 23 years old I don't feel like I need Xanax at all ever. My doctor said my perception of Xanax being transparent whereas the others felt like drugs was a typical assessment. If you weigh less than 200lbs dont start with more than 0.5mg. My doctor also said Xanax can be more addictive but I never developed a problem nor did I ever feel like I was close. I personally found Klonopin to be the most habit forming which is what most doctors find to be the safest benzo and I guarantee you, probably because most haven't tried them, that they are wrong. Fortunately for me, after a week or so of feeling inebriated or drugged for a week my body would reject it. It did however make an excellent chill pill, I called it the Fukitol 1000mg after the Robin Williams commercial. If you don't have good self control then avoid the Fukitol!

ADD can sometimes be very hard to treat and there are many different causes between different people. When I lived in Texas I had a really good doctor who knew what he was doing but he had trouble explaining this.

I must warn you if you try a Ritalin based med, go straight for the max dose and have your Vyvanse handy as backup if it doesn't work. I tried it in Concerta 37.5mg and after 4 days I brought the pills back to my Dr and told him it was junk I want my Adderall back but obviously I am not amphetamine sensitive and you might be.

I don't know if you have insurance but I have seen friends do the dummest thing with medications over price. I found Walgreens to by far have the cheapest Xanax IR by a mfg called Purpac. It costs $9.99 for 30 1mg and I think 60 was like $16 where as pharmacies carrying Greenstone were at least $1 a pill. I also found Barr brand Adderall to be around $80 and Sandoz to be $30ish. Also if you make less than 32k a year Shire Cares will give you up to 70mg/mo of Vyvanse for free.

04-01-16, 02:04 PM
PS, I started setting my alarm an hour early to take my Vyvanse 70mg then wake up on a 2nd alarm an hour later to get up for good. UnIke my dad I can do this and be crashed out again in 2 minutes. There have been a few times on days I had no schedule I wouldn't set the second alarm and not wake up for another 3 hours even though the Vyvanse had started working by then.