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Anecdotal evidence links the initial phase of fasting or a low-carbohydrate diet with feelings of well-being and mild euphoria. These feelings have often been attributed to ketosis, the production of ketone bodies which can replace glucose as an energy source for the brain. One of these ketone bodies, beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), is an isomer of the notorious drug of abuse, GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyrate). GHB is also of interest in relation to its potential as a treatment for alcohol and opiate dependence and narcolepsy-associated cataplexy. Here I hypothesize that, the mild euphoria often noted with fasting or low-carbohydrate diets may be due to shared actions of BHB and GHB on the brain. Specifically, I propose that BHB, like GHB, induces mild euphoria by being a weak partial agonist for GABA(B) receptors. I outline several approaches that would test the hypothesis, including receptor binding studies in cultured cells, perception studies in trained rodents, and psychometric testing and functional magnetic resonance imaging in humans. These and other studies investigating whether BHB and GHB share common effects on brain chemistry and mood are timely and warranted, especially when considering their structural similarities and the popularity of ketogenic diets and GHB as a drug of abuse.

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"GHB is also of interest in relation to its potential as a treatment for alcohol and opiate dependence and narcolepsy-associated cataplexy."

GHB - opiate/alcohol - NARCOTIC
GHB - narcolepsy - treated with - STIMULANT

On molecule with NARCOTIC AND STIMULANT activities
see wikiP/speedball (drug)

BHB can be produced by body in ketosis
GHB receptors in the brain
GHB similar to GABA

Cross-reactivity BHB vs GHB or conversion BHB to GHB.


Blood glucose elevation - pleasure
Blood glucose drop - pain


non-dual state of bliss (wikiP/speedball)

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Broadly speaking - disease

Glutamate nt >>> GABA nt

carb -> glyclysis/citric acid cycle ->a-ketoglutarate -> glutamate
fat -> beta hydroxybutyrate -> gamma hydroxybutyrate -> GABA


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The core problem with this model is that

glutamate NT is activated by social, environmental distress - ie health (BHB metabolism) is very difficult indeed within an adverse social environment.

I really don't like this idea as the solution to human health is outside of the reach of the individual - the individual is a victim of their environment - and the only way to ensure human health is a complete restructuring of the global socail environment in such a way that true equality is enforced.

Not ridiculous 'democracy' where two warring tribes with the same leader do battle for the purposes of entertainment. Politics is similar in nature to a local derby between 2 football teams. Both sets of supporters infused with a wholly misplaced evangelicism on how life will be so much better when their side wins. And then they meet again a few months later - and the entire process repeats.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”

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If people want to try something different.

Then all that's required is for people to talk to other people and to determine what is right and what is wrong using all available evidence - until their minds change and they're defined by doing what their own minds tell them.

Once armed with a moral imperative - one finds oneself infused with deep motivation and with deep motivation comes deep satisfaction.

And satisfaction is what people want.

To feel a sense of satisfaction - a sense of reward.

This sense of reward is missing in ADDers - which is why we obtain reward from a bottle.