View Full Version : Improving sleep

03-31-16, 05:06 AM
Sleep deprivation can really screw up my ability to concentrate, and I had this a lot. In the last months I did not have a regular sleeping schedule. A week ago or so I decided that I wanted to work on this over the next month (April). So, this is what I have done so far:

- Go to bed around 11 pm: this is quite early for me. I notice that I am already tired around this time, I am surprised by how quickly I get used to it.
- Set the alarm at 8:30 in the morning: I want to make sure that I sleep enough. I usuallly wake around 8 am.
- Fall asleep while listening to an audiobook: I have done this for the last months, and I wanted to get rid of it as now I find it hard to fall asleep without it, but I decided that it does not matter so much, so I will keep this habit. I do enjoy it.

I am happy with the improvements I have made so far, I feel more energetic already. I will keep experimenting. Any advice on things I could try is welcome!