View Full Version : Is concerta dosage too low or just wrong completely

03-31-16, 08:35 AM
Hi all so i'm on my 3rd day of being on 18mg of concera xl. So far all i've noticed is a slight agitated feeling along with possible anxiety increase. In terms of focus and concentration I think its actually worse.

Before starting the medication I would quite happily obsess over technology on you tube for hours on end. Now I just can't seem to find the motivation for even that. I feel like my head is slightly clearer but at the same time I don't know how to concentrate or what to concentrate on. To put it into words its like being more aware but not on anything particular . Would upping the dose help in terms of concentration/focus and motivation or is it likely to just exaggerate the current side effects?

Still not sure whats the medication or whats my mind playing tricks...hoping one day they'll be no question!