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04-02-16, 09:55 AM
I posted this in reply to a blog post by a naturopathic doctor ( 2Fattention-deficit-disorder-adrenal-hormones%2F).

I thought for the almost 5 hours effort typing it out and spell checking, that I did an ok job and wanted to share here. It’s the last paragraph that I think matters to me the most. The rest of it you all likely understand. The last, I hope, more of us do if not for ourselves then for the kids.


I don’t know the guy personally but oh yeah he has ADD. And although you took the same emotional WTF to his first paragraph as I did initially, I do get what he is saying overall.

I have severe... they the docs love calling it severe,,, ADD but was ADHD as a kid. I have mediated some stressors by internalising them so less outward fidgeting and much more inward anxiety. Don’t know how, likely conditioning from unapproving peers and adults constantly telling me to stay still and shut up.

After a while a brain has got nowhere to go but inside itself.

While I agree I was born this was, while also agreeing my predisposition to how I filter the world around me, especially this world of today, turns up the anxiety receptors and this combination of Nature and nurture causes ADD and its a *****.

I would like to make a specific distinction that I know is critically important. Stress and anxiety are not interchangeable attributes. In anxiety my ADD is exacerbated significantly, burns me out, cause depression as a result of dealing. Anxiety is for me created through over stimulation of PROCESSING the world cognitively through my 6 senses, yes six; most of us are highly sensing or are intuitive. But the process is internal, it’s physical as in muscles and synapses... processing of data.

High stress on the other hand is a boon to an ADDer, the higher the more focused and sharp we are, especially in situations of crisis... while everyone else is panicking... I’m as calm as a cucumber, quick, decisive...ahhh to bottle that. Critical stress is a more emotional reaction to a situation first and foremost and the physical reaction in the brain follows as all hormones and neuro transmitters firing away... little grey matter muscle pumping going on just then, unlike in anxiety,

If I need to get fixated and need something done... fear or anger galvanises me as the next best thing to floundering around when anxiety ridden...the difference being anxiety muddles thoughts, fear or anger focuses them, calms the thoughts down to the straight essentials needed. I seem to grasp the best idea first with no more thoughts swirling around to muddy it.

I have been in life and death situations and been the only coherent saviour in the bragging... but get me overwhelmed and anxious I’m a total twit babbling away disjointedly while internally fielding images, idea, connections at lightning speeds with my mouth trying to hopelessly express it all,,, trying to verbalise this web of brain material just throws the wrench in the works.

I have a saying... I live my life in retrospect because in the moments of day to day life with all the external varied stimuli crashing in through every sense,,, whirling me to anxiety trying to sort and helplessly trying to limit it all inside... I look back in the moment when I’m next alone and can’t believe I couldn’t filter myself in the moment and save such embarrassment I get from registering the faces of those I was imposed on to. Not their fault, I’d run from myself if I could.

But then the paradox of being the super version of me I could only dream of and everyone’s savior in the moment... a precious few specific moments in my lifetime.... super stress immediate crisis and life altering events... how sad to be so keenly vividly aware of these paradoxes within myself but utterly hopeless to capitalise on any of it because stimuli is the name of the game for both my joy and pain of these sides of myself.

It’s how my body responds to stimuli, how my primal brain perceives it, that determines if I’m a verbal diatribe or a voice of calm and reason.

So yeah, I’m type babbling here so in closing, the Doc has a good point, and so do you. It’s both. Genetic and environmental factors combine.

The thing is unless ADD babies are born with no way to sense their world,,, there is no way to avoid Mother Nature making them. Stimuli is a given, receiving it is a given, our genetics are the ***** that cranks it up and keeps on giving.

Meds are a tool but a pill taken orally cannot isolate its target and so does greater harm than good to coursing through the rest of the body by far. The poor kids being medicated to early graves is to me no solution at all for a bit of social harmony in the home or at school.

ADHD will in time and with persistent structure and patience from peers, teachers and family.. morph into ADD or find useful expression in a hyper driven career... we need to stop conforming people and start working to their strengths and accept what make us different and capitalise on that.

Such is life, we all have something.