View Full Version : Epilepsy and ADHD

04-03-16, 05:21 PM
I am starting a facebook group for parents and adults of those with ADHD and epilepsy. I have epilepsy and have found research saying that one in 5 people with epilepsy have ADHD symptoms (see attached - and there is other research available online). However my psychiatrist wants my neurologist to treat my ADHD symptoms and my neurologist doesn't really know what to do. I want to exchange experiences with similar people to find out what is working for them and who they think is the most appropriate professional we should speak to about it. PM me if you are interested in joining the group.

02-11-17, 12:42 PM
That is interesting - more than in the general population, it says. My paternal grandfather had epilepsy, and my dad had migraines and I have optical migraines. I avoid things like strobe lights and I wear sunglasses to avoid glare bouncing off cars when driving. Even the excessively bright headlights of newer model cars make night driving a challenge. I'm so proactive about shielding my eyes that I haven't had an optical migraine in awhile. Thank God I've never had epilepsy but I know there's some kind of neurological something in our DNA.