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04-05-16, 12:00 AM
Something happened last week that I was going to post about,
but I needed to take a little time to think about it, to consider
how I felt about it all. Anyway, here it is...

And yes, it is a bit long, but I didn’t have the time to make it shorter. ;)

- - -

I wake up. Ugh, what time is it? I look at my computer because
my phone has died from lack of being plugged in. Oh crap, that’s
why I didn’t get any alarms! 7:57am.

Panic mode sets in. I need to be at work by 8:30am. I need to leave
no later than 8:05am. Or 8:10am and then drive like a hooligan,
which is not an option, as I can’t afford a ticket.

So, what of the morning routine must I delete so I can make this happen?
Breakfast, done…I have nothing quick and easy. Shower, done…
I hate to skip it, but I know that will take me at least four minutes,
even in panic mode, so no can do.

I wash my face, brush my teeth, and…wet hands through the hair
to semi-reactivate the forming cream I put on the day before. Sigh.
Good enough. A quick one-two of the usual gel under the arms.
No shave. I hate feeling unkempt. Another sigh.

And then a mad dash to pick out a t-shirt laundered the night before...
and...oh ****! They’re not dry enough to wear (I hang dry in my
apartment). **** me. A few seconds of fretting, and then I am
considering which dirty t-shirt to wear. Black it is. On with the rest of
the goods, and out the door.

As I get in my car, the clock says 8:07am. I do as I can and as is needed,
and punch in to work at 8:29am. Small mercies.

So, the first order of the day is getting some materials to a client, and
in this case it is in the form of 28 boxes that weigh 41 pounds each.
And I know this is going to be a bit of a challenge because this client
doesn’t have a loading dock. I think of their narrow hallways, small
elevator, and cramped space, and wonder if they will even have room
for the shipment.

I load up the goods into the truck, and throw in the dolly, thinking it will
be seven trips up and down, four boxes at a time. 164 pounds on the dolly
will be a little unwieldy, but it is what it is.

The drive is uneventful, but as I approach my destination, the rain starts,
and by the time I get there, a steady, light rain is falling. I hope to find
a place to park under their awning-of-sorts, but no luck. So I have to have
a spring in my step inasmuch as corrugated boxes don’t do well with
a soaking, especially when they are stressed from being near-overpacked.

So I load up the dolly, wheel it to the front door as I listen to the birds
sing in the trees, and then when I get to the front door I do my little jig
of switching the dolly to the left hand, opening, sticking out my foot
to catch it, turn the dolly and push over the threshold, walk, transfer
back to right hand, and enter. And, of course, don’t drop the dolly.

I take the elevator to the 2nd floor as is usual, and greet the gal who
is always at the front desk. She quickly signs for the goods, and to
my surprise, asks if I would like a tea or coffee. I laugh, and decline,
but thank her for her offer.

And then there are the usual couple of women who I interact with when
I bring stuff there, but something seems different, in that they seem
pensive and perturbed. Great, I think, in truth they do not have room
for the goods. This is going to become a production.

Then a woman I have never seen before arrives, seemingly out of
nowhere, and announces that it will all be going to the basement.
She then holds up a key and says she is the keeper of the key to
the basement. Splendid, I think.

And then I take a second to look at her, and in an instant I think to myself
that this woman looks put together in a way I greatly appreciate...
her outfit, that is. I won’t describe it any more than to say a button-down
oxford, a mens bow-tie in red, a cardigan, a pleated just-below-the-knee
skirt, tights, and mary janes. All in navy, charcoal, and black.

Now, as for her person…the first thing I notice is her hair. The color is red,
and it is interspersed with strands of silver. But that’s not even the
best part (for me). She has it in a flip that looks like this:
(I searched the internet to find this so I didn’t have to write at length
and fail anyway.) (
mnflip ( by aeon314159 (, on Flickr

As for how old she is…hmm…my best guess would be 49-54.

She has a slight sag of the eyes where the outer edge is downturned,
such that at rest they look perpetually sad, but then is replaced with
crow’s feet when smiling. Aesthetically, I think this to be lovely.

OK, I tell myself, snap out of it and be present, because I need to be,
and I am, but I’ve also come to the conclusion that this woman is beautiful
to me, and I am as present as I can be whilst being kinda gobsmacked.

Don’t stare, I tell myself, and I do my best, which is to say, there are
more than enough furtive glances. Would I do better with my meds?
Who knows.

So she tells me that she will have to accompany me on each trip to the
basement because her key is what will send the elevator there.
OK, I say, and I follow her into the elevator with the dolly.

Now this elevator would be a tight fit for three adults, so it certainly is
for two and a dolly. I try and be respectful and keep my head down,
but all that results in is me thinking how cute her shoes are.

So trips two and three and four occur, and the small talk begins, and
we talk of the birdsong, the coming of Spring, and I can’t remember
what all else. But the vibe is pleasant (to me, anyway), and slowly it
is getting done. Oh, and I also take note of how easily she can lift and
move a 41 pound box.

And over the course of those trips, I am getting just a bit damp from
the rain and bit of sweat.

So then comes trip five. We are riding the elevator down to the basement
when all of a sudden she buries her nose in the soft spot that is the center
of my shoulder, chest, collarbone, and armpit, breathes in like she is
smelling a flower, and then she says “You smell nice.”

There is a moment’s silence and then I am laughing.

She says “I am so embarrassed.”

And I say to her “You have nothing to be embarrassed about, not with
me anyway. Don’t worry, I’m not laughing at you. I’m laughing because
I am delighted, and surprised, in the best of ways, and, well, I tend to
laugh a bit when I’m socially anxious.”

“Thanks,” she says, and then we are at the basement again, and so
resumes the task.

I don’t remember much of trips six or seven. :p

As we are finishing up I decide to take a chance and ask her
“Do you have a card?”

“I’m married,” came the reply.

I wanted to say something playful, but I guess I respect the institution
just that much.

And so I said my good-bye, all professional-like, as if nothing had
transpired, but I took one last look at her and just wow, she was just...
well, more lovely to me than I could remember any woman being in
I don’t even know how long. Her hair, her eyes, the mary janes,
the cardigan, the bow-tie...

- - -

I laughed out loud many times the rest of the day.
I was emotionally intoxicated.

And I thought to myself that I am going to be a little less neurotic
about being “unkempt.”

And it set in motion a string of thoughts that I couldn’t even begin
to relate for their coming so fast and so strong. But many of them
had to do with challenging things I tend to think, and in turn, many
of them were about letting go of those things.

I haven’t felt that good in…too long. :)

Thanks for Reading, If You Made It This Far,

04-05-16, 01:45 AM
Glad you had a wonderful day and what a lovely vignette.

04-05-16, 02:43 AM
Loved reading that. She sounds lovely. Thanks for sharing. :)

04-05-16, 04:36 AM
Thanks for sharing aeon, she sounded lovely and I'm glad she made your day good :)

04-05-16, 07:56 AM
I laughed out loud many times the rest of the day.
I was emotionally intoxicated.

And I thought to myself that I am going to be a little less neurotic
about being “unkempt.”
:yes::goodpost: funny enough I get hit on the most when I'm the least put together.. the struggle is real. But I'm just posting to say thanks for writing very enjoyable, and FYI you're adorable, I'm just like awe :)