View Full Version : MOOCs are great

04-05-16, 11:28 AM
I love MOOCs (and online learning in general)! Compared to classroom learning I have much more control about my learning environment; I can sit in a quiet place (for example at home or at the library), or in a noisier place (in a cafe or in the train), depending on how I feel; I can take breaks whenever I want; I can follow the materials in whatever order I want; I can choose the courses that I want to follow and stop them if they are not as useful as I thought (or if the teacher is boring/bad) and most importantly, I have control over how I consume the information - I can watch some parts multiple times if I missed something important or if I just didn't understand it, or I can skip parts or increase the playing speed if the material isn't interesting. Also, I can access all materials after finishing the course, allowing me to refresh my knowledge of a topic whenever I want.

I wish university allowed me to have these things. It's great for someone with ADD! Sure, it's a challenge to deal with all this freedom and create a good routine, but the course offers some structure, chopping all the material in little bite-sized chunks (instead of lectures that last many hours) that are organized in weeks and lessons, with assignments with deadlines.

MOOCs allow me to learn things that are useful for my career and it's also nice to get certificates that I can put on my cv, although I see these as a bonus, the knowledge and skills are what is most important. ADD has messed up my university studies (in part, I am still glad that I finished it and I did learn many things), making it harder to get a job now, and online learning is a great way to fix that and make myself more attractive for potential employers. I believe that my past does not have to define my future and I am prepared to do the necessary work to create my own success, and it's great how this road is facilitated by all the online materials that we have at our disposal.

At first I did not finish any MOOCs, but now I have finished some and I am starting to get a bit of a routine. The thing that I am focused on now is how to optimize my online learning. I am experimenting with study groups (to motivate/inspire each other), taking notes, using planning (which days I should do what materials), etc.

Does anyone else here follow MOOCs and what is your experience?