View Full Version : Vyvanse mistaken for Concerta?

04-07-16, 03:05 PM
I took a Vyvanse as a substitute for my regular Concerta prescription and took a drug test which came up for amphetamines. They are sending it to a lab for further testing, but will my regular prescription of Concerta act as a cover up for this mistake or will the lab know the difference?

04-07-16, 03:11 PM
Concerta is methylphenidate, not amphetamine, so it would be unlikely to work as an explanation.

If the Vyvanse was prescribed to you in the past and you still have the bottle (even if it's not your most current prescription), or if you could get a signed letter from your doctor stating that it had been prescribed to you, those might help.

EDIT: Some drug screens may be more generally for stimulants, and if that's the case, Concerta could show up. If they're specifically testing for amphetamines, though, then it shouldn't, because they are different chemically.